"Apple Watch has saved my life," Edgewater's mother says

Without the Apple Watch, Edgewater's Christina Ling might not be alive.

Ling had flu symptoms and was hospitalized. all the tests came back negative, she said in a

interview with USA Today.

After nearly two days of sleep in bed, her mother's Apple Watch reported her heart rate as 150 beats per minute. At first, believing that the watch was working badly, Ling removed it and went back to bed.

When she put on her watch the next morning, Ling saw that her heart rate was still high.

She returned to the emergency care center for an electrocardiogram and an MRI – but the doctors who were there directed her to the hospital for emergency surgery.

It turns out that liquid has accumulated around Ling's heart – and if it was not the Apple Watch showing that her BPM was high, she would probably have fainted in the next few hours, Ling said. USA Today.


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