Apple will add sleep tracking features to Apple Watch by 2020


Apple would have tested a sleep tracking app for a future Apple Watch, according to a new report filed today by BloombergThat's Mark Gurman.

The company has been using the sleep tracking feature for several months with testers at secret sites around its headquarters in Cupertino, California, according to people close to work. If the feature succeeds during the test phases, the company plans to add it to the Apple Watch by 2020, according to one of the people.

Fitbit's rival smart watches have long touted sleep tracking capabilities, but Apple's watchOS has never offered a native sleep tracking feature. At first, it was for a good reason: the battery life at first Apple Watch rarely lasted beyond the 18 hours advertised, which meant that the aircraft had to be perched on a loading dock while you slept.

However, since the release of the Series 3 and 4 models, many homeowners believe that their smartwatches can last two full days or more with a single charge, which has led third-party developers to use standby tracking applications. .

Future Apple Watch the models may well have an improved battery life, allowing users to wear them longer and stay in bed. Gurman also thinks that nighttime sleep monitoring could even be part of a new special mode with low energy consumption.

Apple's iOS Health app already includes a tab for sleep analysis data, which comes from the Clock application's wake-up call from the iPhone or from the iPhone. a third-party sleep monitoring application.

Apple has plunged its feet in the sleep tracking before. The company acquired the Finnish start-up Beddit, which manufactures a sleep detection band. Apple sells the product on its website under the Beddit brand and has recently launched an updated version.

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