Apple would develop a new Apple TV remote control


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To say the Apple TV remote is polarizing is an understatement. On the one hand, you have the stans who claim that this is the best streaming remote control ever. On the other hand, haters cite the remote’s touchpad and overall user interface as a unforgivable affront to the design of gadgets. But, by Mac 9to5, Apple is currently working on updating the rumored next-gen Apple TV remote control.

To be fair, it’s unclear exactly what these updates will be. The 9to5 Mac report cites unnamed Apple sources, but the most concrete detail is that the new remote has the internal code name B519. The current remote is known internally as the B439, so the higher number may indicate that Apple has done a major DIY. MacRumors also reported Last week, in the beta of tvOS 14.5, Apple changed the name from “Siri Remote” to “Apple TV remote”. The beta also renames the “Home Button” to “TV Button”. These are small changes, admittedly, but combined with the 9to5 Mac report, it strongly suggests that we’ll see a new remote whenever Apple decides to launch the new Apple TV. (There were rumors of an event in March, but now it looks like April is more likely.)

Another Bloomberg report from September also offers some clues. In it, Apple prognosticator Mark Gurman postulates that the new Apple TV will be equipped with a faster processor for gaming and that the “improved” remote control could have functionality similar to Find My iPhone. Which, if you’ve ever had an Apple TV remote, you know how easy it is to get lost between sofa cushions. That alone would be a useful update.

As someone who has a love-hate relationship with my Apple TV remote, a redesign has been a long time to come. While I admit adjusting the touchpad sensitivity has helped, 9 out of 10 times I take the remote the wrong way around due to the symmetrical design. I wouldn’t complain if the company also got rid of the glass so they didn’t panic every time I drop it on a hard surface. And while the Apple TV remote has never been particularly effective, reports of a “significant” upgrade have at least prompted some are hoping Apple has listened to the comments.

Unfortunately, it is also Apple. Even though the upgraded remote is the next best thing for streaming, it’ll likely cost around $ 10,000 to replace. Considering Apple’s track record, there’s a good chance it’s also pretty to look at, but not exactly solid. This means that you will probably panic whenever you can’t find or drop it. But hey, you can’t win them all.

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