Apple would launch truly wireless Powerbeats earphones in April


Apple Beats prepares to launch genuine Powerbeats wireless headphones in April, CNET reports. CNETThe source, which says it is close to the retail network, says the new headphones would use the new Apple H1 chip, which are used in new wireless charging AirPods, and have the same Siri voice assistant. The battery should also have a longer life than the AirPod, which offers about five hours of listening time.

CNET points out that the timing of the new Powerbeats wireless networks is identical to that of the BeatsX announcement, shortly after the launch of the AirPod by Apple in 2016. Rumors about high-end AirPods have been circulating since l? last year, suggesting that they would be noise. cancellation, headphones on the ear. The wireless charging AirPods announced this week do not really match what rumors suggest, but the Powerbeats could certainly target a market that is looking for more features than those offered by the AirPods. Today's Powerbeats are sweat-resistant and offer a safer fit initially than AirPods.

There is no pricing information yet, although the Powerbeats3 Wireless (which is still connected by a cord) is currently selling for $ 199.95 on the Beats website, but is available at $ 99 on Amazon, indicating that an update is coming. If rumors have advanced, the new wireless Powerbeats3 would be the first in the range Beats to be truly wireless headphones.


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