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Apple's equivalent iPhone XS Max 2020 is set to deliver an even bigger screen

According to the latest research note released by Ming-Chi Kuo, a trustworthy analyst for Apple, Cupertino is expected to deliver its largest iPhone screen to date in 2020, as reported by Antutu and taken over by iPhone Hacks.

Koi thinks that Apple is planning to market an equivalent iPhone XS Max in 2020 with an OLED display of 6.7 inches, or 0.2 inches more than the current model.

It's worth noting that Koi also indicates that the standard iPhone that is expected to come out in 2020 will go in the opposite direction, reducing the size of its screen from 5.8 inches to 5.45 inches, which would be a first for Apple's premium iPhone range.

Both phones would apparently act as the debut of Apple's 5G, which would bolster the rumor that we could see the iPhone 5G in 2020 after all. A previous report had suggested that there might not be an iPhone 5G before 2021.

In addition, Koi also expects the equivalent iPhone XR 2020 to receive an OLED upgrade of its 6.1-inch screen, according to a rumor previously reported, although the iPhone option the Apple's more affordable is not compatible with 5G networks.

Of course, we recommend taking all this information with a grain of salt, although it's worth noting that Koi's predictions tend to prove to be accurate most often – the analyst has accurately anticipated the AirPods review of 2019 and the return of the iPad Mini.

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