Apple's latest iPhone ad shows another type of "failure mode" in portrait mode


Portrait mode causes uncomfortable tension between two parents in Apple's latest Apple commercial, which must be one of the most entertaining spots the company has been producing for some time. In the ad, a mother reviews the photos of the children of the group when another remark that her son was blurred and made unrecognizable by the portrait mode of the iPhone. She asks, "Do you … bokeh my child?" The conversation that followed showed how the effect can be compensated or totally disabled so that both children are perfectly clean, but the damage is already done.

Be attentive with your bokeh, people. This advice also applies to Android, many devices now offering the blur in adjustable portrait mode. In general, Apple does not favor clumsy humor with its marketing, but I am there. The "Why do you hate Jacob?"

I'm still a follower of normal camera mode, though. Maybe it changes once you have children.

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