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Apple's Tim Cook: High Tech Companies Must Take Responsibility for the "Chaos Factory" That They Built

Apple CEO Tim Cook photographed other tech companies and urged them to take responsibility for the "chaos factory" they built in his launch speech at the University of Stanford.

While talking with Stanford alumni, Mr. Cook addressed several issues that affect the information technology industry, including privacy breaches, data breaches and hackers, as well as spreading fake information. news and hate speech. He never mentions any business, but mentions problems that companies such as Facebook, YouTube and the now-defunct company, Theranos, have already solved.

Lately, it seems, this industry is increasingly known for a less noble innovation: the belief that it is possible to apply for credit without accepting responsibility, "said CEO Sunday. Apple. "We see it every day now, every data breach, every violation of privacy, every blind eye turned to hate speech. False news poisoning our national conversation. Too many people seem to think that good intentions excuse the bad results. "

"But whether you like it or not, what you build and what you create define who you are," he continued.

"It's a little crazy that anyone has to say that. But if you have built a chaos factory, you can not escape the responsibility of chaos. Taking responsibility means having the courage to think, said Cook.


Cook said that people "will lose the freedom to be human" if they agreed that "everything in our lives could be aggregated, sold or even leaked in the case of hacking" as the new normality.

The CEO went on to assert that a digital, privacy-free world would have "shut down Silicon Valley" before it started to prosper.

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Mr. Cook has repeatedly criticized other high-tech companies, including Facebook and Google, for violating data and user privacy. At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference that was held earlier this month, Apple announced updates to its iPhone and computer software that would enhance data privacy. Among the features, among which iPhone users can bypass the connection services of Facebook and Google when they use new applications.


Apple has also introduced its own competitor login service that promises to be more respectful of privacy. The technology giant will hide the real e-mail address of people during connections and give a random chain to applications.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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