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Arbitrator awards $ 179 million in damages to producers of "Bones" in dispute over Fox

A private arbitrator ordered 21st Century Fox to pay $ 179 million in damages for allegedly defrauding the stars and executive producer of its hit show "Bones" with a multi-million dollar profit.

CNBC reported Wednesday that referee, Peter Lichtman, had said earlier this month that producers and players of "Bones" had been barred from profit-sharing license fees by company executives who engaged in "third party transactions".

Lichtman ruled that Fox had committed fraud by supplying Hulu with "Bones" content at a lower rate than the market, thus causing producers and the producer to lose any profit. Fox owned a third of Hulu at the time.

Lichtman accused the company of a "cavalier attitude towards his wrongdoing," according to The Hollywood Reporter, who detailed the decisions rendered against Fox. The umpire added that the actions of the media giant testified to a "business culture the truth."

"In fact, one might wonder whether a ratio of five to one, given Fox's financial situation and his lack of control, serves to deter the unlawful conduct at issue here, or whether it will be considered part of the cost of doing business, "he continued. to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Bones," a successful show on Fox, aired for 12 seasons between 2005 and 2017, starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, who would be represented by Kasowitz Benson Torres.

Fox said Wednesday in a statement that he was contesting the decision.

"The decision of this private arbitrator is categorically wrong on the merits and has exceeded his powers of arbitration. Fox will not let this flagrant injustice, fraught with mistakes and gratuitous character attacks, "21st Century Fox's attorneys told CNBC.

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