Arcane: League of Legends’ wild trailer, Netflix release date revealed


Esoteric, the animated series inspired by League of Legend, has a nice new trailer that debuted at Netflix’s Tudum streaming event on Saturday. The last preview of the series also revealed that it will be released on Netflix in November, with additional episodes released in the following weeks. The first trailer follows the announcement that the show’s cast includes Hailee Steinfeld (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse) like Vi, Ella Purnell (Army of the dead) like Jinx, and Kevin Alejandro (Arrow) like Jayce.

Esoteric will focus on two key relationships in the League of Legends universe. The first is the bond between the sisters Vi and Jinx, both League of Legends champions. The sisters shared a difficult childhood, but their paths diverged leading them to very different adult lives. Emerging as key figures in their career will be several others League characters as well as a whole new face.

Vi hit someone in League of Legends Arcane

Image: Riot Games

The series will also delve into one of Runeterra’s most interesting stories: the conflict between the towns of Piltover and Zaun. Piltover and Zaun are technically two towns in the same location, with Piltover taking the shiny upper level and Zaun the seedy lower belly. But after years of Piltover subtly pushing Zaun down, the invention of Hextech technology begins to shift the balance of power, thanks to Zaun’s willingness to use it in any way necessary.

Esoteric is a co-production between Riot Games and Netflix and is hosted by Fortiche Productions, an animation studio that has worked with Riot in the past to create several League of Legends cutscenes.

The first act in the series will be released on November 6, immediately following the League of Legends 2021 World Championship Final. The second act will be released on November 13 and the third act will be released on November 20. Each act will consist of three episodes.

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