Are fidget spinners coming to Fortnite?

The Fidget spinners were … an interesting trend some time ago and it now seems that Epic Games could add something to Fortnite.

Epic Games likes to stay in fashion and routinely adds dances and other content in Fortnite that are relevant to pop culture. Examples include the various emotes dab and the plethora of dancing emotes from popular pop, rock and rap songs.

The next reference in Epic's pop culture might well be the "Toy" cosmetic category. Fidget spinners may be visiting Fortnite.

Fidget Spinners at Fortnite? Oh Lawd.

Fidget spinners are essentially a type of anti-stress toy that is supposed to work to relieve tension. We are skeptical about their effectiveness, but they certainly spent their day in the light. The fidget spinners have now disappeared from meme territory.

Whatever the case may be, new Fortnite data files have revealed that a Fidget Spinner object could arrive at Fortnite.

Well known Fortnite leak @ lucas7yoshi_ revealed the leak on Twitter.

The information here is clear, but it seems that the files have to do with the HUD elements. The .uasset file type is the sorting method used by Unreal Engine when you essentially gather a complete asset in the engine.

This seems to at least confirm that Epic has tested something to do with the fidget spinner in the game. At the very least, an artist has had fun with models or HUD designs for the game. article.

So, what are still the fidget spinners?

Fidget spinners are anti-stress toys that rotate on a central ball bearing. They usually have an odd number of sides, like 3 or 5, and are designed to rotate extremely gently. We have included a photo below.

Generic Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners have become a marketing trend throughout 2017 and 2018, gaining momentum as a trendy toy for teens. Some devices even cost more than $ 100 because of extremely expensive production materials and military grade bearings.

Although these devices relieve stress and anxiety, there is no scientific evidence of their effectiveness. They have even been touted as a way to treat ADHD and autistic symptoms, but again, no scientific evidence has shown such effects.

If you feel stressed or generally anxious, we recommend sticking to the old classic stress ball.

How do you think Epic Games potentially adds the anti-stress toy to Fortnite?

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