Are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin still married?


Thousands of fans around the world were heartbroken at the end of 2018, when teen idol Justin Bieber announced that he had married model Hailey Baldwin at a ceremony in court. .

It was a shock on many levels. The couple are in their early twenties, a remarkably young age to get married, especially in the highly in demand world of Hollywood. Moreover, the relationship between Bieber and Baldwin did not follow exactly a linear chronology: their ten-year friendships seemed to become romantic very suddenly, to break up and then become romantic again just before becoming engaged.

Although fans do not know exactly where things are right now, we have developed a relationship calendar to help us determine exactly where Bieber and Baldwin are in their lives (and if they are still married or not).

How did Bieber and Baldwin meet for the first time?

Like millions of teenagers all over the world, Hailey Baldwin became a fan of Justin Bieber in 2009, when his father, Steven Baldwin, brought him to an event reserved for Bieber fans. Bieber, who at the time still jostled his fringe swept by the signature, would have been struck by Baldwin, but the two did not maintain the communication after this first meeting. They met again in 2011 and it seems that it was about that time when they formed a friendship that remained stable over the next few years.

In 2014, Bieber and Baldwin were seen in front of the church together, triggering rumors of romance. Bieber, who had just broken up with long-time girlfriend Selena Gomez, turned to social media to say that Baldwin was just a good friend and that his fans would know if it was something more serious. They were spotted together several times in 2014 and 2015, or even vacationing together, until the sparks really fly in early 2016.

Bieber and Baldwin tie a knot

The New Year 2016 was a great moment for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Bieber shared a picture of himself on his Instagram and Baldwin shared a kiss while holding his arms in the air. The fans were curious and took this as an announcement that the pair had finally started going out for real. However, Bieber, the king of conflicting messages, gave an interview at that time where he was uncompromising as to his relational status – he admitted that he was not ready for a commitment, although Baldwin and he spend a lot of time together.

Apparently, everything was not going well for the pair because they had some sort of problem in 2016 that they still did not disclose publicly. No matter what happened behind closed doors, Bieber and Baldwin decided it would be better to take a break and they both went to meet people. In the summer of 2018, Bieber and Baldwin were reconnected and, after a flash romance, including mysterious engagement rumors, they married at the courthouse in September 2018.

Are they still married?

Life under the microscope is not easy, even when you are young and in love. Justin Bieber has been open about his problems with depression and anxiety, as he takes medication to help control it. He also said that being with Baldwin helped her to feel better because she was actively working to share her own vulnerabilities and insecurities, which made her more comfortable sharing her own.

In addition, despite recent tabloid headlines claiming that the couple were about to divorce, it seems that Bieber and Baldwin remain tied to each other and to their union. Although they have not yet had their official wedding ceremony, it seems like it might be on the horizon. They have gone through more than their share of difficulties, especially considering their young age. These trials might have made them even stronger as a couple.

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