Are Kylie Jenner and Jordy Woods still friends?


  • One source shares that Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods' friendship "is not 100% complete" and that they "are texting"
  • Khloé Kardashian's feelings about this reconciliation are to be determined.
  • Jordyn seems to want to return to normal and has just released his first Instagram account since Tristan Thompson scandal.

    So now that Jordyn Woods is back on Instagram and Khloe Kardashian is considering co-parenting with ex-Tristan Thompson, the question of whether Jordyn and Kylie Jenner will / will be able to be friends again or not.

    Sources had previously indicated that Kylie's forgiveness depends on her acceptance, and now other insiders say that it seems like Kylie and Jordyn are trying to solve the problem.

    A source shares with People"Their friendship is not 100% complete … It's still a difficult situation for Kylie. And no one really puts too much pressure on her. Her family knows that she is in touch with Jordyn. They let Kylie fend for herself. "

    The source adds that "Even though she does not live with Kylie, Jordyn still has things there. She and Kylie are not socializing, but are in touch. They are texting. And the texting has to go well, because another insider says that they "are working to rebuild their friendship."

    So, I guess it's still to be determined, but it looks like their adorable puppy, Wesley *, might well recover his other mother …