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Cuba on alert for outbreaks of dengue haemorrhagic fever

A week after the independent press reported to in Camagüey three deaths from dengue haemorrhagic fever the island's health authorities acknowledged the presence of the outbreak in several localities from the country.

Gabriel Gutiérrez Águila, head of the department of environmental health in Cienfuegos, confirmed to the press that the presence of type 2 dengue haemorrhagic fever has alerted municipalities such as Lajas, Palmira and Cumanayagua, that the Location of Ranchuelo, in Villa Clara.

According to the portal of Radio Cruces the official urged to adopt the appropriate measures in the presence of this disease, putting into practice the autofocal family in each of

He also indicated that the 39, hygiene of work centers can not be neglected, where out of a total of twelve homes identified by the comrades of the campaign, seven were found in state entities.

On the other hand, Dr. Luis Manuel Pérez Concepción, Provincial Director of Health in Las Tunas, told the local press that although there was no transmission of dengue fever or other diseases caused by the mosquito in this province, Ito, "the high rate of the existing amount does not free us from the possibility of contagion."

The Journal 26 of Las Tunas acknowledges that in other provinces of Cuba circulates a dengue serotype much more dangerous

Dr. Perez pointed out that the control measures of l mosquito transmitters are intensified in all municipalities, mainly in areas of greater focus such as the Polyclinic Gustavo Aldereguía in the provincial capital. There will be approximately 3 thousand 360 places receiving adulticide treatment and visits of medical staff to review the status of its residents.

Dengue fever is currently the most important arbovirus affecting humans, its etiological agent are the four serotypes of the virus (D1 -4), transmitted between humans by the bite.

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