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these are the relics of Christ that are at Notre Dame

April 16, 2019

The whole world was paralyzed by the tremendous fire of Notre Dame Cathedral, which caused irreparable damage.

Yesterday, all over the world, whether it was on TV or on social networks, he had remained on hold seeing the flames invade the iconic and historic Our Lady.

The fire which lasted five hours in the cathedral Our Lady He consumed much of the building's structure and caused millionaire and priceless losses of some historical artifacts found in the church.

Among the most valuable relics, there are some that belong to Christ, who accompanied him during his last hours during his crucifixion on Calvary.

A piece of wood belonging to the cross, a nail and crown of thorns that Jesus carried until he was placed on a torture pile at Golgotha, where he eventually died at 33 Years.

Notre Dame Cathedral: a curse and an unresolved mystery … for more than 700 years!

One of the religious objects that was saved from the destructive fire in Our Lady it was the tunic of San Luis, a garment that allegedly belonged to King Luix IX (1214-1270), the last European monarch to be engaged in a crusade to recover Jerusalem.

"The worst has already been avoided, but the battle is not yet won.The next few hours will be very difficult.The facade and the main tower have not been destroyed," said French President Emmanuel Macron, following the disaster.

Our Lady began to be built in 1160 and its completion took place in 1260. The building survived a series of damage during the French Revolution. However, after 759 years of existence after its construction, it was devastated in modern times.

Among the most emblematic works of art of the cathedral, let us quote the sculpture La Piedad or the descent of the cross of Nicolas Coustou.

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