Ariana Grande and her ex-boyfriend Big Sean were photographed gathering together


Looks like Ariana Grande and her ex-boyfriend, Big Sean, are getting closer again after TMZ imagines herself in front of a Los Angeles recording studio.

The couple stayed close to one year before separating in April 2015. At the time, Ariana would have been less impressed by the rapper's words that she would have "a billion dollars".


In 2018, he got a namecheck in his single "Thank U, Next". Although the sentence reads as follows: "I thought I would end up with Sean but he was not doing the weight," his video for the song suggests that she's still holding a flashlight for him.

In the burned books section of the video clip, she notes that her ex-boyfriend is "so cute, so nice" and "(could still get it)".


The two partners being single, it is not a huge step forward to assume that sparks fly again. Despite everything, Ari is known for his close ties with his ex. She recently put an end to her belief that she would have rekindled her relationship with former backup dancer Ricky Alverez.

At the time, fans thought their date in New York was a decent date. Ariana then clarified the speculation on her Twitter account: "We are friends, everyone is breathing a big blow" black heart emoji.


Nevertheless, considering that she has already suggested that Big Sean "could still get it," we feel that this meeting could be more than just friends catching up. What do you think?

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