Ariana Grande apologizes to fans for homophobic protest in front of her show


One would think there was enough widespread hatred at Ariana Grande's concerts for a lifetime – but that did not stop a small group from carrying a homophobic message this weekend.

Some spectators at the Grande Sweetener On Friday, the tour ended in Atlanta and had to listen to an anti-gay rant written by a couple of men outside the room who installed a microphone under a rainbow banner wearing the word "pride". (June is the month of pride.) The incident caught the attention of the singer, who responded by sending a message of support to her LGBTQ fans.

(Screenshot: @ashymakayla via Twitter)

One of the men was caught on video exchange words with some fans and tell them that they "worship a false god" and that "Satan is your God" because they did not agree with his message. (The message has an NSFW language, but you can see it right here.)

This has led to a larger group of Grande fans – known for their love and support of the LGBTQ community – coming together to cover this message.


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