Ariana Grande goes out again with her ex Big Sean


Big Sean and Ariana Grande

The way they were: Big Sean and Ariana Grande.
Photo: Jeff Vespa / WireImage

The last time we heard about Ariana Grande, she said "Thank U, above" to her ex. But Wednesday night, she was spotted with one of the ex-boyfriends mentioned in her breakout anthem: Big Sean.

As seen on the images on TMZ, Big and Big Sean were seen together in a recording studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Great would have arrived first, then Big Sean would have arrived later, although TMZ notes that she went to greet him on the outside. Later, the ex left the studio together (with one of his dogs) in the Big Sean's car.

What does it mean? Well, we are not sure. They could just be friendly friends who record music together. Sounds good to me. But really, who knows.

The duo came out about a year before separating four years ago; she attended Mac Miller and Pete Davidson while he attended Jhené Aiko. In "Thank U, Next", Big Sean sings:

I thought I would end up with Sean

But it was not a match

At the same time, the music video of Grande inspired by a film for teenagers included a song Naughty girls-asque "burn book". The page on Big Sean, TMZ note, reads: "So cute, so nice" and "(could still get it)." (But for reference, Pete Davidson's page includes the comments "I t & # 39; "always love," so who knows what she meant by the commentary of Big Sean).

Since neither Big Sean nor Great has publicly commented on their reunion, we'll just ask if Big Sean taught him "love," "patience," or "pain" …

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