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Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber Mad at Bloggers, Morgan Stewart

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It would be good if there were still bloggers – the kind of intense, reckless, daring, outwardly depressed, proudly self-obsessed, intelligent, unbearably annoying type of thought that existed ten years ago. Nowadays, this type of content only exists on Twitter in an even more unbearable, single-voice format, which does not even make anyone the huge amount of money that blogs have actually provided. For various reasons, we are not obliged to enter this field, but we note the fact that you can no longer do a search in Google Image Image to fly and use for free (at this point the people discover and get angry at you). , this type of blogging can not exist anymore. It's sad. And now, Ariana Grande is angry at bloggers?


I'm trying to find out. Let's see. This is the tweet that she posted, which immediately sparked many self-repugnant tweets from bloggers for whom I have a real affection but whose use on Twitter I'm worried sometimes:

All right, we are all open to suggestions. But what? It's in response to a tweet quote answering a tweet which features Ariana Grande quote reply to a tweet from Justin Bieber. It's this tweet:

And this tweet is the result of this tweet:

D & # 39; agreement. It is clear that "@Morgan_Stewart" said something about … something … and that caused the fall of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. A Google search tells me that the musicians played together, by surprise, at Coachella. This is Bieber's first performance in two years. Okay, but what did Morgan say, whoever?

It's more difficult. The biography of Morgan Stewart on Twitter is only "FUNNY", which gives me no indication on the blog on which she works, but I guess the No. 1 would be New Gawker at the moment. I do not find anything nasty about Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande when scanning her tweets; they mostly seem to be tweets of quotes about herself and then she says something like, "It's normally for me!" or "The best" or "Awesome".

Ok, but – here's something. "Page Six" has already written about this controversy, let's see what they say.

Stewart said in a segment of "Nightly Pop" on Tuesday: "I did not know it would be so serious." She then commented on the appearance of the singer, in these terms: "It really looks like to have put a protective soft toy on this film. the forehead, but I do not care. That's screwed up!

Hm. It seems that Morgan Stewart is hosting a kind of TV show on E! network. Excuse me, Ariana Grande, with all due respect, I'm a fan, please forgive me – a series of TV shows on E! the network is not a blogger.

However. What Stewart said was mean. And in the defense of Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber, if their performance was bad, was because they were completely unprepared:

So. Maybe everyone involved in this controversy is, at least spiritually, a blogger after all. Amen!

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