Ariana Grande 'Thank U, Next': the best of her career?

It's two good weeks for Ariana Grande. Despite clashes with the Grammy executive producer about a performance that never happened, she won her first Grammy at this event: Best pop album for "Sweetener". On the same weekend, she released her follow-up album, "Thank U, Next," which is at the top of the Billboard's 200-count chart and gives her the top three songs on the 100 Hot Singles chart. And if that was not enough, music critics sincerely thanked "Thank U", who got the best reviews of Grande's career.

It's quite unusual to release two albums at less than six months ("Sweetener" was removed last August), but it's particularly impressive to achieve two personal MetaCritic records in a row. "Sweetener" earned 81 points based on 20 reviews, but a few months later she improved on her score by 86, based on 22 reviews at the time of writing. Almost all of these critics are positive. Only one criticism is designated mixed. None is negative.

So now that Grande has won the Best Grammy Pop Album Award, she may go on to the 2020 album of the year. Check out some of these reviews below and join in the discussion on this subject and much more with other music fans from our forums.

Mikael Wood (Los Angeles Times): "Swagger is without a doubt what Great sells on" Thank U, Next ", which comes less than six months after her last album," Sweetener ". Like this one, which followed the horrific Great Terrorist Attack in 2017 concert at the Manchester Arena in England, 'Thank U, Next & # 39; find the singer thinking about a difficult period … [it] sports the emotional healing of Grande; it's the joy of discovering that what did not kill her really makes her stronger. "

Steven J. Horowitz (Variety): "In a critical posture," Thank U, Next "is a dish that smacks lips … We do not feel in a hurry, especially considering the six-month shift of" Sweetener ", each piece is idealized and given to the chef's finger kiss. She is as serene as on "Sweetener" with a lot of effect: her voice is vibrant and prominent, with no flash, nothing to prove, but with all her talent … "Thank U, Next" is what promises to be true. be one of the best the best pop releases this year. "

Jon Caramanica (New York Times): "Thank U, Next" would have been created in about two weeks, and it shows, but in the right way: the vocal production is less thick, and Grande shows a new comfort playing with the style. and approach … Thank U, Next & # 39; proves that Grande also has many other places to go for a walk.

Anna Gaca (Spin): "With her previous album 'Sweetener', just six months old, Grande has taken a big step forward, determined to keep the hits at the right time. And yet, "Thank U, Next" looks less like the savvy marketing of a star of the moment – though it's also the case – to a diamond-encrusted tiara on top of the head of a new queen of pop. "

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