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Ariel Winter wants to keep the hair red during the last season of the modern family – Hollywood Life

Ariel Winter is preparing to shoot the 11th and final season of 'Modern Family' and, as her character has black hair last season, she hopes producers will let her new red highlights be part of the series.

Ariel Winter, 21, is ready to give everything to him in the last season of Modern family, who is starting to spin soon, and as she has radically changed her hair color between seasons, she hopes she does not have to turn the tide! The actress chose to color her hair bright red in May. Season 11 is about to leave, she hopes the producers will let her character Alex, who normally had Ariel's previous dark hair, also switch to flattering red.

"Ariel loves his hair color so much right now. She was not sure how she would feel, if she wanted to keep it or if it would be a quick step, but she loves it, she wants to keep it, "said a source. HollywoodLife. "The only thing is that she's starting to shoot Modern family again soon, so suppose she's going to dye her hair to Alex's color but she really does not want It took a whole day at the salon for her hair to get a perfect hue, she really does not want the redo, so she could wear a very good wig. Or the best thing is that the producers agree to let Alex change their hair, but Ariel does not count on that. "

Since many wigs are made from human hair nowadays, it would be logical to entrust Ariel with the style of his character if producers choose to stay with the black, but the hope is that the red appears at the end of the season. We think we will have to wait and see to find out!

Anyway, this season being the last is for Ariel, who has been in the series since 2009, and other members of the cast, including Sarah Hyland28. A previous source, EXCLUSIVELY, told us that it would be difficult for Ariel and Sarah to say goodbye to what looks like a real family. "It will be much more realistic once on the final scenes, but Sarah and Ariel are both excited, happy, scared, sad and everywhere with the announcement that Modern family ends, "said the source," This is something that has occupied most of their lives and they will never forget.

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