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Ariens – The conversation with Jackson "could not have been better"

INDIANAPOLIS – Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said Wednesday at the NFL that he had met DeSean Jackson and expressed his desire to stay in the team despite the well-documented frustrations of the receiver last season and his request to be traded.

"It was great, we sat for a long time and from my point of view it could not have been better," Arians said of the conversation. "You would have to talk to DeSean to get his point of view, but I thought it was great, I can not wait to work with him, your respect for him as a player … and as a than anyone. "

Jackson is under contract for one more season with the Bucs, but he has a $ 10 million salary cap without collateral, and the Bucs currently have less than $ 19 million in salary cap space. Jackson also struggled to find chemistry with quarterback Jameis Winston and let this frustration be known to his loved ones, sources told ESPN.

Jackson has publicly pleaded for Ryan Fitzpatrick to continue playing since last season, even after Winston's return from suspension. Jackson also said last month at the Super Bowl that he wanted to play with a coach and a quarterback who understands the unique needs of a veteran receiver and that he would eventually like to play for the Los Angeles Rams .

When chief executive Jason Licht was questioned about Jackson on Wednesday, he was less incarcerated.

"I would say that all options are on the table," said Licht. "DeSean has been a great player in this league for a long time, we love speed, Bruce loves speed, he has his place, he has not lost a step, and we would like to have the opportunity to see what we can do to keep all our good players. "

Licht has also responded to the appeal regarding Gerald McCoy, a six-time pro, who has reached a cap of $ 13 million in 2019 and is under contract until 2021.

"Gerald has been a very productive and successful player for the Bucs – one of the best defensemen of all time Bucs, could one say," said Licht. "He's under contract. [we’d] I love it so much that it continues to be a Buc. "

Todd Archer of ESPN contributed to this report.

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