Army veterinarian recounts poignant story of trip to Del Rio, Texas: “It was the biggest Biden rally I have ever attended”


Great American Cleanup Army veteran John Rourke joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday to reveal what inspired him to send a group of veterans and active duty personnel to Del Rio, TX to help collect the waste left behind by thousands of illegal Haitian migrants.

The mission that began on September 11 to honor the fallen servicemen quickly turned into something else when after just 15 minutes of picking up trash, members of Rourke’s group pulled three people from Venezuela out of the Rio Grande.

“We have gone from collecting garbage to removing people from the river,” Rourke said. “I saw people washing babies in the Rio Grande. I saw babies breastfeeding babies, sleeping in dirt, 107 degrees outside, red ants everywhere, real coyotes on all fours walking around. was like Naked and Afraid the southern border edition there. People are literally chopping down trees and putting up teepees with their backs and sleeping under them. They come and go from Mexico just like me or you cross the street. there is no one to stop them. “

The veteran said he had spoken to a number of the migrants and the majority were Haitians on their way to South Florida and were not vaccinated.

“A lot of them go to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando. I asked them about COVID-19. I asked them if they had been vaccinated or not, and if there was a vaccine. available, would you take it? They categorically replied, “No” they would not take it. Many of them invoked religious beliefs as to why they would not take it. ”

Rourke said the migrants he spoke to were making the dangerous trip because their home country is so poor and they “want the opportunity.”


“They feel like now is the opportunity with the Biden administration to leave the countries they lived in, Central America, places like Chile, and come here now. They have me. face the reason why [they’re] it’s because Joe Biden allows them to come. “He is a very humble man, he has a big heart, he loves the Haitian people, and we love him. It was almost like the biggest Biden rally I have ever attended. Everyone’s talking about Joe Biden. They love him. “

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