Arrogance Made Actor Chicago's Public Enemy No. 1

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The actors are often done by their ego, and in the case of Jussie Smollett, moments of arrogance could cost him far more than the $ 130,000 that Chicago was asking for last week.

The city, led by former Barack Obama advisor and now mayor of the city, Rahm Emanuel, sued the actor of "the Empire" following his refusal to repay the 130,000 $ requested by lawmakers after overtime spent investigating his case. Officials claimed that Smollett filed a phony police report on Jan. 29 after being the alleged victim of a racist and anti-gay hate crime – a crime that many claim he's guilty of. is orchestrated.

Jussie Smollett chooses even stronger

While the original claim amounted to $ 130,000, the civil action claims that sum, plus any potential litigation costs in subsequent proceedings. That could literally double, if not triple, the money that Chicago had previously asked Smollett. Chicago is also seeking an additional $ 1,000 for each of Smollett's "lies".

The official court documents read as follows:

"[T]The City respectfully requests the Court to: A. Find that the City has incurred the necessary costs to investigate and respond to [Smollett’s] statements made in violation of the CMC [Municipal Code of Chicago]; B. order the defendant to pay the City the costs of the answer, the amount of which must be proved at trial; C. order the defendant to pay the City a fine of an amount equal to the City's legal, recovery and legal fees; and D. grant any other relief that this Court considers just and equitable. "

The defense attorney for the actor, Mark Geragos, replied that Smollett "will not be intimidated to pay the requested amount." He asked for access to the entire Chicago investigation file, which contains data that had not been disclosed before, as well as a statement from Mayor Rahm Emanuel .

Be that as it may, it's hard to see how Jussie Smollett came out victorious in this scandal. On the one hand, if he is found liable by the court of law, the actor will be required to pay much more than what Chicago had originally asked for. The actor has also been writing about the last two episodes of the current season of "Empire" so that he can focus on his case. If Smollett spends more time in court, the possibility that he is less visible in the series remains, which means he will not earn a regular salary that he could possibly use to pay legal bills.

Smollett faces a bigger problem: the trial will take place in a civil rather than criminal court. Civil courts are much less strict than criminal courts. All the prosecutors will have to do is prove that Smollett has "more than likely" lied about his involvement in the crime and that he risks a verdict likely to favor the plaintiff.

An arrogant waterfall could leave Jussie Smollett a fortune in legal fees – and less time on the screen

If Smollett attacked himself, it is clearly the opposite effect of what he wanted. He would have been dissatisfied with his terribly low and a humiliating salary of $ 65,000 per episode – more than most Americans earn in a full year.

Well, this little waterfall could very easily cost him his salary, or at least a good part of it. And if he wanted more time on the screen, the beginning of the end of the season of "Empire" would not be written.

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