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"As a black man / woman, you have the obligation to talk about our problems" – SOHH.com

New York rapper Mysonne book of serious lines of reflection. The hip-hop veteran presented his two cents to rally his support for A $ AP Rocky and recall past dissociations of imprisoned rap artists from civil rights issues.

The Bronx rapper went on Instagram Wednesday to show Rocky's comments about not feeling obligated to talk about social issues.

Rocky had previously addressed his remarks published in 2015, now infamous, and denied being insensitive to social issues.

In 2015, A $ AP explained its problem of becoming the face of civil rights and justice.

"Let Kendrick and J. Cole take care of this case," he retorted. He starts rapping his record while moving his hands while browsing the room of his table. He enters the song "Dreams", shouting, "I had just made an epic dream, as Dr. King / the brutality of the police was on my TV screen. I specified "TV" because I was in London. Why should I feel compelled to rap about Ferguson? I'm not about to say that I was there throwing stones at hell, getting pepper sprayed on me. I would lie. Is it because I'm black? I am Al Sharpton now? He stopped the electronic skateboard and looked me in the eyes. "I am a Rocky AP $. I did not sign up for not being a political activist. I want to talk about my lean mother, my best dying friend, girls, my jiggy fashion and my inspirations inspired by drugs. I live in Soho and Beverly Hills. I can not understand. I'm going back to Harlem, it's not the same thing. It's a sad story. I must tell you the truth. I am in the studio, I am in the fashion houses, I am in these drawers. I do not do anything outside of that. It's my life. These people must leave me alone. (Time Out New York)

In the last few hours, everyone Stefflon Don and Meek Mill at G-Eazy urged fans to sign a petition to get Rocky released from the Swedish authorities.

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