As the strike continues, Stop & Shop workers receive support from their customers and their officials – CBS Boston


SOMERVILLE (CBS) – The strike at New England Stop & Shop is now in its second weekend.

On Saturday, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey joined the striking employees on the picket line in Somerville.

She delivered a pizza to the workers and said she supported their fight for "fair wages and benefits".

Meanwhile, the Reading Stop & Shop was almost empty, except for the strikers who were watching the picket lines.

"I have been in the business for 33 years," said Kristin Agreste, a worker. "This will be the first Easter party in which I'm not in the building, and you know, it's difficult."

Many buyers have chosen to go to a nearby basket.

"My husband is a man of union. So I'm at their side 100%, "said client Charlene Reno.

"We will come back … it really hurts the company as well as us, but we will stay here as long as it takes to get our contract," said worker Cheryl Ferullo.

Stop & Shop workers strike in Reading. (WBZ-TV)

Jaclyn Hagopian tried to cross the picket line but did not find what she needed.

"I went because sometimes Stop & Shop has things that other places do not have. But when I entered, there was no product or anything there. That's why I switched to basket. "

To show his support, a client decided to join the picket line himself with his 8-year-old daughter.

"We came to do our shopping today. We saw the picket line. My wife went shopping at Market Basket, and my daughter and I joined the picket line here. "

Stop & Shop has announced that stores in the area will open from 8 am to noon on Easter Sunday.

Some stores will remain closed. In all stores, the bakery, deli and seafood counters, as well as the pharmacy and banks will be closed.

The company also announced that it donated toys, candies and Easter baskets to children in need.

In Massachusetts, donations go to patients at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, as well as the Boston Public Health Commission.

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