As Trump goes up, Dems reaches its lowest point

Predicting what history will deem important is always risky. But in the context of our fractured country and Washington's tumultuous turmoil since 2016, the events of the past three weeks have been quite remarkable.

Faced with a huge army of political, cultural, academic and judicial antagonists, Donald Trump enjoys the best days of his presidency. His power and popularity are increasing.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and the Left, including the media, have been hit hard. Their recent confidence that Trump was soon to occupy the oval office turns into a panic that he could win a second term.

The worm began to transform in the afternoon of Sunday, March 24, when Attorney General William Barr released his letter summarizing the findings of the special advocate Robert Mueller. According to Mueller, there was no collusion with Russia and no obstruction of justice, Barr said.

The capital victory for Trump justified his claims of innocence. The fog of accusations that he was an illegitimate president was destroyed by news that left no ambiguity.

To grasp the meaning, imagine the consequences if the report concluded that he was probably guilty of one of the counts.

The left would have burst into orgasmic joy. We would discuss articles of dismissal and the Republicans would have fallen in the line. There would have been global implications when the United States retreated in response to the crisis.

However, it is now clear that Mueller's report, just as it was for Trump, was only the beginning of a dramatic reversal of the fate of the president and his executioners. The end of the book, at least so far, came last week with Barr's astonishing comment that "espionage took place" during Trump's 2016 campaign and that Barr was forced to examine "the conduct of the investigation ".

"Spying on a political campaign is a big problem," said Barr.

Heart be still. Barr's promise touches the Holy Grail for those of us who believe that there has been an outrageous abuse of governmental power to try to overthrow the election on Hillary Clinton, and then overthrow Trump.

If Barr keeps his word, the sun of transparency will soon shine on the rancid corruption of the Justice Department, the FBI and intelligence agencies led by Barack Obama.

Reversing the situation with regard to conspirators is absolutely necessary to hold accountable those who tried to rig the elections. This responsibility, if considered honest and impartial, will prevent repetition and will begin to restore public confidence.

Among the obvious questions to be answered are: how did an unprecedented FBI investigation into a presidential candidate begin if the allegations were instigated and paid for by the opposition? Who leaked to the media a lot of misleading investigative information suggesting that Trump's guilt was almost certain?

It is not an exaggeration to say that Barr's promise to investigate the investigators opens the way for a fundamental change in the story of the one the media has been feeding for two years.

Even at this early stage, Trump seems stronger than ever and Dems is mad with frustration.

Many are furious with Barr, some hysterics saying he wants to remove him from office, as if someone should be indicted. CNN, NBC and others accuse Barr of doing Trump's "dirty job" by daring to use the word "spy," as if talking frankly was too much for their tender sensitivity.

They are so in the tank against Trump that they denounce the search for truth because the truth could favor the president.

Those with the most skin in the game are the most exposed, starting with Jim "The Snake" Comey. The former FBI director, whose conduct gives J. Edgar Hoover an air of choir boy, says he is confused by saying "I have no idea" of what Barr is talking about.

James Clapper and John Brennan, chiefs of intelligence services under Obama who came out of the closet as naked supporters, added their share of shock. "Amazing and scary," Clapper said of Barr's plans, and Brennan accused Barr of looking like a "personal lawyer" for Trump.

Translation: we would do better lawyer up to.

In the meantime, Mueller, the so-called savior, is no more than a character, an afterthought in the river of the wrath of the Dems.

Other recent developments have also favored Trump. The economy continues to roar and the border crisis that, according to Dems, did not exist, clearly exists, with more than 100,000 illegal smugglers per month – and these are just the apprehended.

Trump is at least looking for solutions while the Dems have turned a blind eye to a safe and humanitarian nightmare, as it's simply an annoying distraction.

Trump was also a winner of the Israeli elections, with his support of Bibi Netanyahu who helped the Prime Minister win the victory.

Although both men are personally satisfied, the truth is that the stability of Israeli politics eliminates any Palestinian fantasy that a new Dovish prime minister would return to the lifeless formula of land for peace. The Arabs – and Iran – can either deal with Trump and Netanyahu, or lose more time and lives to weave their dream palates.

The Democrats, in reaction to the Trump-Netanyahu alliance, continued to move away from Israel. All of the 2020 candidates ignored the AIPAC conference and Beto O'Rourke called Netanyahu "racist".

Finally, the representative Ilhan Omar turns out to be a devastating team for the party as well as for the image of all American Muslims. In addition to his anti-Semitism, Omar is described as a heartless ungrateful for the nation that saved his family from civil war and perhaps death at the hands of other Muslims.

The only question is whether party leaders will have the courage to stand up against it. Senator Chuck Schumer and President Nancy Pelosi are generally camera hogs, but the hidden questions about Omar's reference to 9/11 and his claim that his critics are anti-Muslim.

They did, however, find time to criticize Barr's plan to investigate the investigators, proving once again that Democrats have the leaders they deserve.

Taking Idiot to the word

The many sordid accusations against Michael Avenatti would not be news if the media did not turn him into a weapon against Trump. He has appeared on CNN and MSNBC nearly 200 times to advance his case in Stormy Daniels and launch his presidential hopefuls.

Has any of these networks checked the type? Did they ask old customers when he was honest?

Of course not. He was their idiot helpful until he was no longer useful.

Warning & # 39;

The reader, Evilio Herrera, is tired of Chancellor Richard Carranza, who writes: "I am tired of his" racist "labeling. This man obviously has a complex. As a Latino American, the racing card game has aged. "

"Bandwagon" stuck in a park

In the New Yorker, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign for 2020 has "stagnated."

False. She did not stall. She never moved.

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