The annual Oscars took place last night in Los Angeles and, among the moments of celebration, beautiful dresses, costumes and inspiring speeches were a commendable moment. Model Ashley Graham was on the red carpet and asked many celebrity questions about the big night. When Lisa Bonet and her husband Jason Momoa arrived, the situation became delicate.

Ashley asked Jason to do the traditional Maori dance, which the actor did at the film's premiere Aquaman in thanks to New Zealand and the culture put forward in the DC film. Before Jason could make a move, Lisa shook her head and said no.

Of course, Twitter learned Lisa's reaction and spent a busy day remembering the race. "Oh wow, I did not expect Ashley Graham … she SHOULD know," a user wrote, while another added"It's … horrible." Why do whites always want the poc to "interpret" their culture for them as entertainment? It's disgusting.

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