Assault MAGA hat: A woman who was offended by the dress code could now be deported.


Two weeks ago, in Massachusetts, a woman from Brazil was arrested for allegedly addressing a man wearing a "Make America Great Again" bonnet while eating in a Mexican restaurant.

Rosiane Santos, 41, was recorded on a video and told the police that she did not think that he should be allowed to enter a Mexican facility, while extolling the president's MAGA refusal Trump, according to a report from the Falmouth Police Department. Santos, who was intoxicated, was arrested for disorderly conduct, simple assault and assault – two minor offenses – and escorted from the restaurant.

On leaving, she rapped the man one last time and knocked on his hat. Santos's bail was set at $ 40 and she was released. She then pleaded not guilty.

Now, Santos – who lives in the United States without legal papers – is also at risk of deportation.

Deportation officers from the immigration and customs police of the department's fugitive operations team arrested Santos on February 26, a CIE spokesman said in a statement. The woman was released from custody by the ICE and began a referral procedure in federal immigration court, said the official. She should appear in court at a later date.

It is unclear how ICE became aware of the case of Santos. The Falmouth Police Department told The Washington Post that they did not know his immigrant status at the time of his arrest and had not warned ICE. It is possible, said a police spokesman, that a notification to ICE was triggered when the name Santos was entered into their systems.

"ICE does not publicly discuss the intelligence and research tools and methods our officers and officers can use in their work," said John Mohan, ICE spokesman for the New England region.

Santos lawyer Katarina Kozakova told that Santos is married to a US citizen and is waiting for approval of his green card. ICE's commitment to his case means that his green card application will now be reviewed by an immigration judge, rather than by US citizenship and immigration services, Kozakova told

"This is the only change that this arrest cost Rosiane in terms of immigration," said Kozakova.

Kozakova did not immediately respond to an interview request from The Post.

Bryton Turner is identified as a victim of aggression in a statement to NBC News. It is also listed on the police report. Turner told NBC that Santos had begun to "verbally harass me" as soon as he entered the restaurant.

"All I said was," I can wear this hat where I want; it's America, "Turner told NBC News.

He said that he had started filming the incident "so that she stops talking," NBC reported. "I did not think it would explode like that," said Turner.

The video, posted on Facebook and then deleted, shows Turner sitting in front of a bar and filming his own face while Santos follows him.

"Look at this here, that's the problem," says Turner in the video. "The ignorant like that. I'm just trying to sit here and eat a good meal, and watch that. "

"You see that?" Turner said as Santos approached him from behind, put his MAGA hat on his eyes and spoke expletively.

"People like that are the problem," says Turner. "This is the problem of our America these days. People are simply ignorant, they want to take on those who are educated. "

In the police report, police said that Santos used an explanation to express what she thought of the man's support for President Trump. The officers wrote that her speech was confused and that she was clearly inebriated. A policeman tried to escort him from the restaurant, according to the police report. Santos "started walking, but stopped behind the man in the red hat, grabbed his hat and moved it in a circular motion while dropping head down to the bar. . "

Turner did not respond to an interview request from The Post.

The Massachusetts incident is an example of how President Trump's signature phrase – Make America Great Again – has become a flash point in American daily life.

This week, a 19-year-old man from New Jersey was arrested and charged with assault and harassment after the authorities reported attempting to take a MAGA hat on the head of an 81-year-old man in front of a police officer. grocery. The teenager threw the man on the ground and toppled his cart, the police said.

A California high school girl was banned from wearing her MAGA hat on campus. She now challenges her school district court, alleging that the decision infringes her First Amendment rights. After the actor Jussie Smollett falsely claimed that he had been assaulted in Chicago by two men who claimed he was in "MAGA country," the eldest son of President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., said in an interview with Fox and Friends that people wearing MAGA hats in downtown Chicago "would be shot in" two seconds. "

In particular, the red MAGA symbol was part of a national debate over a confrontation at the Washington Mall between a Kentucky high school student wearing a hat and a Native American elder.

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