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Astros fans wear space helmets behind the plate

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why they were named Houston Astros. It's space! Specifically, Houston is the main control center of NASA.

This weekend, the Astros have ventured a few hundred miles north to face the Rangers in a new confrontation between their regional (and divisional) rivals. Two Astros fans went to the Saturday night game. In fact, they were so excited to spread the message of the Houston Space Program that they were wearing large space helmets over their Astros sweaters. It created a fun visual behind the marble:

But really – it's 90 degrees! Make sure to hydrate yourself or simply remove the helmets now that everyone has seen them.

Perhaps, however, this couple knew something that everyone did not know. Later in the game, the sky opened and it started to rain … and guess who was prepared? Yep.


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