At least 25 people under investigation for terrorism in connection with the riot on the Capitol


Correction: This story has been updated to note that a Defense official corrected a statement that 25 soldiers are under investigation for terrorism related to the Capitol headquarters. There are 25 people under investigation, some of whom may be soldiers.

WASHINGTON – At least 25 people are under investigation for terrorism linked to Wednesday’s siege on Capitol Hill, according to a defense official and a congressman.

Representative Jason Crow, a Colorado Democrat and former Army Ranger, said he spoke to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy on Sunday and was told “at least 25 domestic terrorism cases were opened following the assault on the Capitol “.

A Defense official who was made aware of the appeal initially confirmed that the cases involved troops, but subsequently corrected that statement. The official said some troops – active duty and reserve – may have been involved in the riot, and the military will investigate if necessary.

“It is feared that soldiers may have been involved in the riot,” the official said.

Those under investigation for domestic terrorism are believed to have participated in the insurgency that shut down Congress as it formalized President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College. Five people have died, including a Capitol Hill police officer, after pro-Trump mobs overwhelmed security lines.

“We are committed to identifying all those who participated in the violation of the Capitol, regardless of their affiliation,” Justice spokesman Marc Raimondi said on Sunday.

Trump supporters flock to Capitol Hill to protest Biden's election victory
Trump supporters flock to Capitol Hill to protest Biden’s election victory

The Pentagon has also been asked to review all members who will be part of the security service for the Jan. 20 inauguration to ensure they “are not sympathetic to domestic terrorists,” Crow said.

President Donald Trump encouraged thousands of his supporters to march on Capitol Hill after addressing them outside the White House on Wednesday.

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