AT & T is already trying to sweep its 5G E under the cover

With all the nonsense about the AT & T fake 5G Evolution network, it's possible to forget that AT & T is building a true standards-based 5G network. Fortunately, the mobile phone company has made the commitment to recall this in a new data sheet that forgets to mention its 5G Evolution network – almost as if it were not a real 5G network!

The fact sheet itself presents a decent (albeit slightly biased AT & T) look at the carrier's work in the actual development of 5G. And the information, such as the cities in which it is (theoretically) available and the devices announced by the company, seem really useful. You can certainly challenge some of the key steps. Was AT & T really "the first to make 5G mobile a reality in the US" if it only ran a limited test that customers could not access? – These are all legitimate information about the company's 5G projects.

Which makes even more curious the absence of the fake AT & T 5G network – after all, if AT & T actually regarded its 5G Evolution network as a kind of underlying component of its 5G network, the company would surely have mentioned somewhere in its list of 5G milestones. Or maybe a mention in its demos, tests and 5G tests.

Of course, it's not there because the 5G Evolution is not 5G, and with the latest version available here, it seems that AT & T is trying to sweep all this experience under the rug as it prepares for its current launch of 5G in the coming months.

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