Atlanta AAF loses another offensive coach following the resignation of Rich Bartel – ProFootballTalk



After just three games in their inaugural season, the Atlanta Legends of the AAF have burned another offensive coach.

According to Charles Odum of Associated pressRich Bartel resigned as quarterback coach on Friday before the team's 28-12 loss to the Birmingham Iron Sunday.

Brad Childress was hired as the team's head coach before resigning in January. Michael Vick left his position as offensive coordinator two days before the start of the season, forcing Bartel to play the role of playmaker. Two days before their third match, Bartel opted out.

"I think some of the things we had in terms of communication were a little different from the situation that we had to face this weekend," quarterback Matt Simms said. "I do not think anybody really predicted that our offensive coordinator would leave the venue two days before the match."

Atlanta has a 0-3 record on the season and averages only 10 points per game in each of its three defeats.

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