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Atlanta Braves Pitcher, Sean Newcomb, Feels Good

Atlanta Braves pitcher Sean Newcomb would have "felt good" one day after taking a hundred pound head-to-head speed in a scary moment in Saturday's 6-5 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies. Philadelphia.

Newcomb was on the mound facing J.T. of Philadelphia. Realmuto in the third round at SunTrust Park. The southpaw turned his head just before the ball hit him and ricocheted into the net behind the Phillies canoe. Field coaches have reviewed it before he leaves the game on his own.

Mark Bowman of MLB.com reported On Sunday, Newcomb was able to sleep smoothly and, apart from a lump on his head and a stiff neck, the player said he was feeling well.

The 26-year-old also told reporters who followed the match that he "felt very good".

"I was with all the time," Newcomb said. "I remember the whole room and that kind of thing. I knew I was good enough for that. Obviously I found myself in the head. A bit painful. "

Even though Newcomb has passed the concussion protocol tests after being removed from the field, the Braves will continue to watch after the scary incident.


"We will continue to monitor him," said Braves Director Brian Snitker. told reporters in a post-match interview. "He passed the tests. You do not know with such an injury overnight. I hope that he spends the night and that he sleeps, and he comes here and he is awesome. "

The loss marks the end of the Braves' eight-game winning streak.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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