Attorney General of New York to appear at Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank for documents on Trump Organization projects


reEtsche Bank and Investors Bank were summoned by the Attorney General's office in New York, following the public testimony before Congress last month by Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen.

New York's Attorney General's Office, Letitia James, issued the subpoenas on Monday, calling for documents related to funding for four Trump Organization projects, as well as an attempt to purchase the NFL's Buffalo Bills. 2014, according to the New York Times.

The investigation, which is a civil investigation, is aimed at obtaining Deutsche Bank's records regarding loan applications, mortgages, lines of credit and other transactions related to Trump International hotels in Washington, DC DC, Trump National Doral near Miami and Trump International Hotel. and ride to Chicago.

Trump worked with a small US subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, which lent him more than $ 100 million for the Doral Golf Complex and $ 170 million for the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

The subpoena also asked Deutsche Bank to provide documents from President Trump's unsuccessful attempt to purchase the Buffalo Bills, in which he provided the bank with basic personal financial statements.

In addition, investigators asked Investors Bank about Trump Park Avenue, a project funded by Investors Bank.

The impetus for moves came back to Cohen's testimony last month before the House Oversight Committee, in which he stated that Trump had exaggerated his assets in the financial statements. Cohen, who is expected to serve a three-year jail sentence for crimes related to campaign financing and lying to Congress, shared copies of statements he said were sent out. at Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank declined to comment on the Times, and the Trump Organization did not respond to requests for comment.

James has repeatedly signaled his intention to delve into Trump's trading relationship. "I'm going to shed light on every dark corner of her real estate transactions and every transaction that demands the truth at every turn," she said following her election in November.


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