Attorney General William Barr to release Robert Mueller's full report when he finishes

WAs special advocate Robert Mueller finishes his investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election, it will be up to Attorney General William Barr to determine what proportion of the report should be disclosed to Congress and to the public. He should publish the full report.

Although CNN reports that as early as next week, Barr will announce that Mueller has concluded his report, we should treat all these claims with a grain of salt, as the end-of-investigation forecasts have proved premature over and over again. times.

That being said, no matter when, the rules governing publication will be the same.

Mueller will send a confidential report to the Attorney General, who will then send a summary to the Congress. The current law describes these reports as "brief notifications, describing briefly the actions and their motivations".

But Barr could go further and publish Mueller's full report, as well as all transcripts of evidence and evidence supporting various findings.

The reluctance to publish a full report in such cases comes from an understandable place. In general, prosecutors must focus on providing evidence that justifies specific legal charges in court, while a full report may contain embarrassing, legal or references to potentially unlawful behavior that does not exist. could be proved.

Although this concern is understandable, the fact is that, if the full report and the supporting documents are not published, anonymous parts will leak away to us by anonymous sources with a program to advance .

This is the problem that has been raging since the beginning of Russia's relations. The media have no direct knowledge of what is happening, so they rely on information leaked, although some people have an interest in defeating Trump while others are interested in justifying it.

Once the report is published, we receive accounts from anonymous sources suggesting that Trump has committed unseizable offenses and others claiming that the report provides a full justification.

If the report itself is made public, those who choose to read all the documents can judge for themselves whether the evidence gathered supports a particular conclusion. And even if the average consumer of the news does not potentially search thousands of pages of Mueller documents, the fact that they are publicly accessible will act as a way to control the proliferation of false information through anonymous reports.

The collusion of the Trump demon with Russia has cast a shadow over the administration since day one. For more than two years, the American people have been subjected to reports suggesting that its president had worked with a foreign opponent to win the elections. If this is true, it could result in the dismissal of a democratically elected president. If this is false, many elected officials and members of the media have a lot to explain.

It does not matter where we stand against the history of Russia or Trump in general, all parties should be interested in full transparency in this case.

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