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Auburn lets his 5-4 heart go to Mississippi State in opening CWS

Auburn is back in the College World Series (Photo: Adam Sparks / Inside the Auburn Tigers, 247Sports)

OMAHA, Nebraska – Leading 4-1 at the start of the ninth inning and seeking their first opening game at the World University Baseball Series since 1967, Auburn has allocated four points to Mississippi State, with the win being won by Marshall Gilbert Alone at the glove of Tanner Burns to fall 5-4 and fall in the loser's match Tuesday at 1 pm CDT vs. Louisville.

"I thought they had played," said coach Butch Thompson. "I thought we played well, Ryan Bliss made some incredible games, we hit a homecoming tonight, Steven Williams got a big point to extend the game, Jack Owen started a great game. Pitching did a good job Will Holland did a nice job Some nice games, Rankin Woley just bounced back and forth, shooting a shot into the ground Scheffler played well.

"I thought we were so successful that it breaks your heart as a coach. At the same time, I love the way we play. We play our best baseball of the year and we did it tonight for 8 2/3. "

After placing Auburn in the ninth inning in a key position in seventh place, freshman Richard Fitts gave Jake Mangum a double at the end of ninth before giving way to Burns.

Making his first appearance at college, Burns quickly hit Westburg for the first outing. A walk to Tanner Allen brought Elijah McNamee to the plate as the race ended. His left-field double scored Mangum and put the runners in second and third place with a draw. A short ground ball allowed one point to score for the second time in the inning and led Dustin Skelton to the plate with McNamee 180 feet from the tied.

A ball on the ground for Edouard Julien on third could have ended the match with McNamee coming off, but Julien was inclined to the first goal and pushed him over the head of Rankin Woley for an error. This allowed the tie to score and pave the way for the winner of Gilbert's match.

It was a difficult end to a great night for Julien, who had two hits and three of Auburn's four points.

"It's just a game we're doing and an expectation to do it," said Thompson. "But we might not be in this situation to have a late lead if he had not hit in the first three points for us in the match." I really expected that He made the game in third base and then the slow roll, I thought he could have done it too.But we might not be in the same situation if we had not offended Edouard Julien earlier in the game. "

Edouard Julien watches his long run Sunday (Photo: Adam Sparks / Inside the Auburn Tigers, 247Sports)

Looking to get a good start on the mound, Auburn got that from Jack Owen. After five shots, one in six hits and one goal, Owen plunged the Tigers into the game and let the scorer do his job. Using Elliott Anderson and Cody Greenhill before yielding the game to Fitts, Auburn maintained the Mississippi State's offensive attack until the ninth inning.

For Burns, it was a difficult end to his first out-of-market performance. Once Greenhill left the game earlier, the plan was still to go to the second floor and he said he was not holding out the job.

"Dude, that's the hardest thing I've ever seen or experienced," Burns said of the loss. "We played very well at the beginning of the game, we just did not finish and it's my fault, I was supposed to have the last three outs and it was my fault. good game."

Against Ethan Small, winner of 10 batting matches and home striker, Auburn did not get off to a good start as the first five Tiger batters qualified for a single in the Woley championship with two outs in the second. However, what Auburn did was count the number of steps compared to Small, which would come into play.

Removing the southpaw for three points in five innings, the Tigers pushed his number of shots to 102, ending his night earlier. While Auburn would only add one more point in the game, patience at the table set the tone for the evening.

With Woley at first base and two outs in the second run, Julien raised the score to 2-2 against Small before getting a shot that he could handle. Connecting on a fast ball in the middle, the second player rolled it 429 feet above the bleachers, in the right field for his 10th round of the season.

Rooted at a two-point lead, Owen allowed a pair of runners to reach the bottom of the second, but escaped the traffic jam. Two races later, the Tigers added a lead and it was Julien who was still doing the damage.

After a first round at Conor Davis to open the top of the fourth inning, Will Holland managed a double game and it seemed like it would be an easy leg for Small, but that was not the case. The back-to-back walks to Steven Williams and Woley brought Julien to the plate and the third baseman again delivered the ball.

Going down 0-2 in the count, Julien threw a fastball into the area for the first ball, but with Small's spike shot, he entered the area with the next pitch and the southpaw Auburn was ready . By cutting a single in the middle of the field, Julien's second hit scored Williams in second place to give Auburn a 3-0 lead.

Mississippi State was blocking another runner at the bottom of the fourth goal before Owen ran into serious problems at the bottom of the fifth. With two outs and nobody on Jake Mangum chose Woley's glove early to give life to the Bulldogs.

After a walk to Jordan Westburg, Tanner Allen hit Woley at first base. In self-defense, he turned the ball over and threw Owen the cover first, but the pitcher did not find the bag. That charged the basics of two outs for the Bulldogs, but Owen would have had Elijah McNamee on a pop-up to end the inning.

Owen and Auburn would not be so lucky at the next round.

The southpaw escaped trouble in the previous heat and looked gassed, the Tigers sent him back in the sixth minute. Justin Foscue stood out and Dustin Skelton decided to give the Bulldogs another opportunity.

While going to the market for Anderson, Auburn gave Julien a shot on the floor, in third place of Rowdey Jordan. Walking on the bag for the first outing, Julien turned to launch in second position, but Foscue stooped instead of slipping. Julien's attack sailed in the right field, but the riders did not advance.

Thompson asked if there was any interference in the game, but the referees ruled that it was a legal game. This turned out to be an important decision when Gunner Halter chose to place Skelton on the field and put the Bulldogs on the board.

With runners in first, second and one out on Auburn, he wasted no time getting closer, which allowed Greenhill to come out of the closet. S exhibiting quickly on a shot, Greenhill hit Mangum to charge the bases for Westburg, but his lining for Williams in the right field ended the inning and once again charged the basics.

In the seventh round, Greenhill walked with the first batter and yielded a single to McNamee to give two more goals to Mississippi State without any withdrawal. Auburn has turned to Fitts in one of the greatest moments of the match. On the first pitch, Foscue hit a ground ball just right in Holland to start the game in 6-4-3 doubles. A ball on the ground at Bliss ended the round with two tigers still in the lead.

At the top of the standings, Auburn got an insurance record at the top of the eighth, with two outs and nobody. With Holland in the beginning after being hit by a field and the Mississippi State playing at the back of the field to prevent a double, Williams crushed a single in the center to the right to put Holland in motion.

In finishing third, Holland hit the ground when coach Gabe Gross set the stop sign. Foscue managed the relay throw behind Holland in third, but the ball bounced away from Marshall Gilbert. The mistake allowed Holland to score to put Auburn ahead 4-1, but it would not be enough tonight.

MSU 5, Auburn 4 Box Score

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