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Audi unveils its challenge to the Tesla Model S

The German automaker Audi has given car enthusiasts a glimpse of what its first electric production sedan might look like.

The car, which is expected to arrive in the showrooms in 2021, must be powered by a 590 hp-brake battery and should reach 100 km / h in under 3.5 seconds.

"A feature that all competitors can not match is the ability to fully utilize the [vehicle’s] potential for acceleration several times in a row, "said the company in a statement.

The maximum speed is set at 240 km / h (149 km / h) to maximize the distance that, according to Audi, exceeds 248 km. A range guide for the complete production car has not been offered.

Audi has not announced pricing for the production version, but the car will enter the Tesla Model S arena, which starts selling at $ 78,000.

The GT Concept's 90 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery can be charged either by cable or wireless induction.

The cable option uses the Audi 800 volts electrical architecture that will charge 80% in 20 minutes. According to Audi, the car can also be recharged at public charging points with lower voltages.

For wireless, the process is much slower. "Audi Wireless Charging" is a carpet with coil installed permanently on the ground where the car must be parked. A magnetic field is created between that and another coil in the car. Audi said its e-tron GT concept could reach full load overnight.

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