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Aurora spotted in western Michigan

GREAT RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – On Tuesday, a wave of geomagnetic activity created dazzling scenes in the night sky of western Michigan.

David Behrens, Silver Lake Sand Dunes

After several consecutive cloudy days, the sky was clear and the aurora borealis were spotted by photographers as far south as Fennville.

Ryan Bale, Fennville

In order for aurora borealis to be visible in western Michigan, geomagnetic activity must trigger an index of KP greater than or equal to 6. A glance at the KP index in recent days shows Monday night's peak:

The KP index for the night from Tuesday to Wednesday is not as active. The expected level should remain between an index of KP between 2 and 3.

The areas highlighted in green on a KP index 2 nights on the map above would be able to see the aurora directly above the head. Areas along the green line or north would be able to see the northern lights looking north.

The sky will begin to cloud on Thursday night, but the bright colors of Monday remind us that the northern lights can arrive quickly and leave as quickly.

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