Austin will allow scooters and e-bikes next month without a dock – News – Austin American-Statesman

They are in the street, on the sidewalks and, despite the fact that they are not allowed on the Austin City trails, the electric scooters without a dock have also found a home.

But next month, a pilot program will allow non-docked scooters and e-bikes to run on several trails maintained by Parks and Recreation.

The program will begin in December and will last approximately nine months until the fall of 2019.

"The strategic direction of the city of Austin includes a mobility goal: getting us where we want to go, when we want to get there, safely and cost-effectively. Electric bikes and scooters are an alternative mode of transportation that, if used properly, can help achieve the goal, "said Kimberly McNeeley, Acting Director of Parks and Recreation, on Monday. note to the leaders of the city.

According to the memo, electric bikes and scooters will be allowed on the following trails:

Johnson Creek
Shoal Creek
Northern Walnut Creek Trail
Southern Nut Creek Trail
Ann and Roy Butler Trail (e-bikes only)

The greenbelt of Barton Creek and other natural areas or nature reserves will remain prohibited.

"PARD recognizes that some trails, including trails through neighborhood parks with limited connectivity, trails close to recreational facilities, such as playgrounds, and trails through natural areas such as belts of greenery and nature reserves, were designed and built for recreational users at the moment, these trails do not have the capacity, the surface or the width necessary to safely accommodate motorized electric bikes or scooters » , says the memo.

According to data from parks and recreation, more than 1,600 dockless scooters are already on the streets of Austin and companies like Lime and Bird plan to bring thousands of others to town.

City officials hope that the trail program will help leaders determine changes to the city's code to protect pedestrians and mopeds and cyclists without a dock.

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