Avenatti at the prospect of a jail sentence: "I'm scared"


Lawyer Michael Avenatti said on Tuesday that he was "nervous" and "scared" by the prospect of a jail sentence after being accused of fraud and extortion this week by the United States. federal prosecutors.

"Of course I'm nervous," Avenatti told CBS News in his first interview since his arrest on Monday.

"I'm nervous, I'm worried, I'm scared, I feel bad for my family, I feel bad for my friends," he added.

Avenatti, the former attorney of adult movie star Stormy Daniels, added that it "would not make much sense" if he was not scared and nervous.

"Most people stay by my side," he said. "They believe in me, they know what I am, so I was very lucky, but of course I'm nervous, I'm scared, I'm all that I am. And if I was not it would not make much sense. "

Avenatti did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

Federal prosecutors in New York announced Monday that Avenatti was accused of extortion after allegedly threatening to disclose damaging information about Nike if the company did not pay him millions of dollars.

In addition, federal prosecutors in California also accused Mr. Avenatti Monday of bank and wire fraud.

Avenatti, who was released on bail of $ 300,000, told reporters after a court appearance Monday that he expected to be "totally exempt," according to the agency. Associated Press.

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