Avengers: The Theory of the End Game: Ant-Man Kills Thanos While Developing Inside


Avengers: End of the game would have devoted three full hours to the decisive battle between the Avengers and Thanos, the unstoppable force that has turned vast areas of Earth's population into dust by the end of 2018 War of Infinity. But while Marvel Entertainment continues to spark the excitement and uncertainty surrounding the long-awaited end of the saga told by more than a decade of superhero movies, some fans already have a theory about what's going on. pass.

I'll throw a spoiler, just in case this theory turns out to be true. Because what we are going to discuss is so stupid, so implausible that it makes sense:

Ant-Man will defeat Thanos by crawling along Mad Titan's buttocks and extending inside him.

Yes, the idea that an Avenger kills the ultimate enemy while climbing into his butt is a funny fan theory, and a rude theory to that. But that has not stopped fans from following her for almost two years now. What used to be a Reddit joke has become a common meme, and some Marvel fans say that, hey, maybe this potential scenario is actually a great idea. And it may even be that Ant-Man has a real chance of destroying Thanos from the inside, as wild as it may seem – because tactics are a legitimate precedent for comics.

You can thank (or blame) Reddit for this theory

According to Know Your Meme, the origins of this radical theory about End of GameThat's right, well, the end of the game goes back to before Avengers: war in the infinite has been freed. Perhaps a bold statement for some, the theory of Thanus (as I will call it conveniently for the moment) actually has years of support, in one form or another.

Ant-Man (played by Paul Rudd) is not a particularly prominent Avenger, with only two solo films to his credit; he was also absent from War of Infinity, the most visible Marvel playground to date.

But the hero also nicknamed Scott Lang remains a force to be reckoned with, as was particularly clear in 2016. Captain America: Civil War, who set the stage for War of Infinity. Where 2015 The ant man focused on establishing the origins of the devious criminal Lang and his growth in his role as superheroes, Civil war gave the character and his skills in size change an excellent showcase. In Civil warhis combination has been improved to become much more powerful, allowing him to do much more than shrink to the size of an insect, as seen in his own movie. The film reveals that Ant-Man can also reach a height of 20 meters and become a super-strong hero rightly called Giant Man.

And the revelation of Giant Man is a key part of the Thanus theory, because the ability of Ant-Man to reduce and Expanding is exactly how fans think he can help the Avengers win the final battle against Thanos.

In July 2017, when Marvel fans knew little about War of Infinity Beyond its promise of an Avengers-Thanos clash, Reddit users have begun to ponder the "worst ways to end Thanos." Perhaps Thanos himself would die of natural causes. Maybe this whole ordeal would be Tony Stark's dream.

Or maybe Hulk would borrow the Ant-Man costume, shrink, crawl into Thanos's mouth and head to his digestive system, then descend it from the inside in a particularly crude and graphic way, like the said the user of Reddit:

As soon as Hulk arrives in the urethra, he closes his suit.

Thanos' virility explodes as Hulk, covered in blood, emerges from the bloody mess. Thanos falls unconscious and bleeds slowly until death.

The camera tightens on Spiderman looking at Dr. Strange: "Well, that's a lesson for you Doc! Hulk crushes kidney stones! "

The camera then shows each of the heroes who survived the war while they moaned well.

Sodabased's theory became the most popular answer in the thread, and it was not hailed as the worst way to kill Thanos, an unstoppable, but the best. But why let Hulk do business, some fans questioned, suggesting that Ant-Man could and should do it himself.

This idea was reinforced when another Reddit user created a corresponding poster and uploaded it to the Marvel subreddit in December 2017, even though it suggested a much less obscene process than Sodabased's. Little Ant-Man could crawl into Thanos' ear and simply destroy it from inside his head. The poster was less talkative, but it still attracted a lot of attention and earned over 1200 positive votes.

An Ant-Man poster creeping into Thanos's ear

maxwellthebeech / Reddit

After that, though, fans starting by getting ready for War of Infinity with more legitimate speculation than 2018 rolled around. Things were silent for a moment on the front of Thanus' theory – but that changed when War of Infinity finally arrived.

Maybe Ant-Man jumped War of Infinity get ready for his great grand finale

Cut to April 2018. War of Infinity is outside. Many of our superhero friends have been reduced to dust by Thanos Infinity Gauntlet. The public who comes in droves to see the film en masse is left free to speculate on the really dead heroes, on the return of some of them and on the question of whether any of the Avengers Original will survive the next movie.

But an avenger who does not appear in War of Infinity whether it is Ant-Man.

Its absence is noticeable, but it is not explained during War of Infinity. In fact, Marvel did not reveal the location of Ant-Man until July 2018, when one of Ant-Man and the waspEnd credits scenes showed that he was trapped in the quantum realm – happily alive, but currently unable to participate in any activities to save the world, which the rest of the Avengers are ready to do.

So in the period between War of InfinityThe release and the The ant man Following, fans are forced to draw their own conclusions. It is at this point that the Twitter user, Filmgloss, has made a viral reputation by looking back in the memories of this old ticket of Thanus Theory Reddit of 2017:

The tweet of Filmgloss was popular on Twitter, garnering over 11,000 retweets and 30,000 "I like". But he gained even more success on Tumblr, where a screenshot of the tweet now contains more than 83,000 notes. From there, he even headed for Paul Rudd himself, when a journalist asked him about it during the Ant-Man and the wasp press tour.

Rudd expressed his doubts about the success of such a plan, although he did not veto it. Ant-Man and the wasp came and went, and again, the online discussion about the theory of Thanus was extinguishing – until now, as Marvel fans on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Reddit, have again raised the idea in the perspective of End of Game.

This helps that Ant-Man appeared in a handful of End of Game trailers in recent months, confirming that it will appear in the latest Avengers movie. And one of these trailers even suggests that he might retain the solution to retaliate against Thanos' seemingly unstoppable finger clack.

But Know Your Meme attributes the latest resurgence of Thanus's theory to a much more recent discussion about Reddit, which saw a comment in a new End of Game The trailer thread garnered more than 15,000 positive votes.

"We always bet on Ant-Man's win against Thanos crawling along his buttocks, then expanding?" Asked a user named Aimless Devastator on March 14, after the release of the last trailer of the movie.

For many Marvel fans on Tumblr and Twitter, the answer seems to be an unwavering yes. And therefore, in front of End of GameIn April, the theory of Thanus reached the status of major meme, with years of construction behind it:

Why this theory may not be as ridiculous as it sounds

Marvel fans who subscribe to the theory of Thanus do not give up, continue to spread the same message on social networks. And at some level, their hearts are in the right place: it would be nice to give Ant-Man a great moment. End of Game, even if this moment could easily be carried away by some fans in inappropriate and offensive places. It's not as if Marvel movies do not indulge from time to time in ridiculous humor.

But whether or not people are drawn into the juvenile humor of the Thanus theory, there is in fact a serious canonical credibility. Jokesters on Reddit are not the first to think of the tactic of removing Thanos from within. Marvel also considered it – via a character recently introduced into his film world: Monica Rambeau, daughter of Carol Danvers' best friend and, in the comics, an old Captain Marvel herself.

As Alex Abad-Santos de Vox has already noted:

"During [writer Al] Ewing ran on it The ultimate (2015), a series about a gang of superheroes (including Monica and Carol) struggling with cosmic threats, Monica manipulates her energy to penetrate Thanos's brain and try to kill the Mad Titan ", as shown in following frame:

Monica vs Thanos in Ultimates

Good thought, Monica!
Kenneth Rocafort / Marvel

Note that Monica has not managed to kill Thanos this way. Although she managed to make herself understood and hurt her, Thanos finally regained control of her brain and forced her out of it. But this attempt sets an important precedent. And one could reasonably argue, as stupid as it may seem, that Thanos has a finer control of the control of his brain than that of his intestines and colon. Maybe there's really an opportunity, uh, that Ant-Man can exploit.

But even if Ant-Man does not finally destroy Thanos by narrowing, climbing inside of him and then becoming over 60 feet tall, he could certainly make an honest effort. It's better for Ant-Man to be killed by another forgotten Avenger: Hawkeye.

Avengers: End of the game will be released in theaters on April 26th.

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