Baker Mayfield does not regret tearing up Hue Jackson and calling it fake: "I will not change for anyone"

BEREA, Ohio – Baker Mayfield does not regret having torn Hue Jackson, or even treating him as fake, despite the national criticism he receives.

"No, everyone likes to do things more than they really are, it's like that," he said. "People took this for me personally as a Hue attacker, but that's not it. It's the fact that I have my own opinion about how things have gone and that he can do what he wants. It's like that.

"Although I'm an athlete, I'm not a quarterback from the cookie cutter, I've never been, I'll never be, I'm talking about my mind. that I am, so I did not like the move and people do not have to worry about it, I'm not looking for approval from anyone, I do not regret it, it's about this team and of what we have and we must stay together and play together. "

But call Jackson on fake Instagram in response to Damien Woody of ESPN First Take, who asks Mayfield to grow up?

"There are just things that happened inside the building with which I will not go into details, it is internal information and it does not have any kind of information. importance, "he said. "We moved on to something else. We have our coach right now. We have our interlocutor and we are successful, so we have to focus on that. "

In a hurry to clarify what he meant by that, he said, "I understand, but I do not have to go into details. This is how it works.

Asked about it another time later during his 15-minute press conference, he told a reporter, "You're trapped in this word, do not you?"

Neither did he have a problem with his brother, Matt Mayfield, who was following him in First Take's "Grow Up" video, claiming that his brother was not going to simulate a friendship or the respect of a coach who "has ) did not have your back and b) was both statistically and badly at work. & # 39; & # 39;

"He's protective," says Mayfield. "That's why you want family." "I'm waiting for some of these guys in that locker room to go to war with me too." It's like that. "

Although Mayfield's negative feelings towards Jackson may have contributed to his dismissal, Mayfield said he was not consulted.

"No, no," he says. "It's their decision to make, and I trust them to make the right decisions, so it's not about it, and for now, I've talked about this situation, and so & # 39; J & # 39; I hope we will move forward and that we will focus on playing a great team this week, a team that has won eight straight games and we must be ready to play. "

Jackson refused a request from to respond to Mayfield's remarks, but a source close to the Bengals' assistant said he had no idea what Mayfield was talking about and had supported him until to his dismissal until his dismissal. Jackson did not spend as much time with Mayfield as Todd Haley, the offensive coordinator, did, as he oversaw the entire team while Haley called the pieces.

Mayfield said his feelings about Jackson were not influenced by Haley, who was sacked an hour after Jackson for what his owner, Jimmy Haslam, had described as internal discord between the two coaches.

"No, not at all," says Mayfield. "I think after all I've said, I do not let anyone else decide how I will make up my mind or make my decisions." have always been myself, I have developed these choices and listened to those who surrounded me, but at the same time, I make the decisions. "

Mayfield was asked if his "fictitious" comment on Instagram and his remark about Jackson's more than 30 losses was a way to galvanize the team, which went to 2-1 in his absence. The Browns took advantage of Jackson's defeat against Cincinnati to help them beat the Bengals 35 to 20 on Sunday.

"I do everything with a goal," said Mayfield. "So, when someone comments on my story while he really does not know anything about it, I can express my opinion just like he is in a talk show expressing his own." . So, I have the right to do it, and there are some things about myself, which, yes, can help this team.

"But I'm not trying to create a distraction, I think everyone in this dressing room knows that, so people from outside can say what they want." cloakroom, we met. "

He said that interim coach Gregg Williams had not told him anything about the wave.

"We had a victory Monday, yesterday is our day off, and today we were very busy, so no, I did not have the opportunity to talk to him", did he declare. But now, they expect me to manage things correctly, to say the right things and to lead this team the right way. "

Does that bother him when critics argue that shifts like Drew Brees and Peyton Manning would not behave in this way or say such things about a former coach? Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports One, a longtime critic of Mayfield, has already made this point.

"It does not bother me," said Mayfield. "They are their own person. I do not try to be exactly like them. Yes, there are things that I absolutely admire in these two guys, but I never try to be anybody else. I'm going to be the best version of myself and that's what brought me here. "

Similarly, Mayfield does not fear the accusations that this is reminiscent of his maturity problems in Oklahoma, where, among other things, he clung to the Kansas touchline in a game last season and was charged with public intoxication, behavior fleeing arrest for an incident on a night.

"Some Oklahoma mistakes like similar gestures and arrest, no?" Said Mayfield. "These are the only mistakes I made in Oklahoma. The maturity is confused with the fact that I am 100% comfortable in my skin. So that's what I am, I've always been. It's not immature. I am myself every day. Being the same guy for our team and I think it's very important to us now. "

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