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Baptiste is fun to play, but he will probably not shake Overwatch for the moment

Just after OverwatchThe newest hero, Baptiste, has been announced. I began to see Blizzard developers placing the Haitian combat medical agent as a way of countering GOATS, the unpopular meta of defense-based gaming. "All right," I said to myself. "It looks promising." But then I played it and now I have mixed feelings.

OverwatchThe current meta relies heavily on heroes such as Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Zenyatta, Lucio and Brigitte, with splashes of Sombra when people feel bothered. The agenda is both an HP-heavy defense and a crowd control, and Baptiste, a combat nurse who can briefly make his teammates non-lethal, does not detract from that.

First of all: Baptiste is fun to play. His equipment is complex but rewarding. A burst machinegun machine gun leads the charge, while a plethora of defensive capabilities reaches the back. At first he tripped me a bit because he had two distinct healing abilities: one for his teammates and the other for him. To heal his team, he can lob grenades with his weapon. These grenades look like Ana's marksman's grandmother's grenade, except that, unlike her knitting bombardments, they do not cure Baptiste, nor do they hurt his enemies. In order to heal himself, Baptiste can deploy a regenerative burst that also heals nearby allies.

In addition to that, he can launch a UFO-powered immortality field that does not cancel out all the damage, but prevents the allies from spilling their precious HP drops. I was afraid that this ability is too powerful, but it's easy enough to focus the fire on the drone, and again, the heroes in the field's boundaries still take more damage is thrown at them. Then there is his ult, which projects a small field which doubles the damage and the care of the projectiles of the allies. Oh, and he can jump very high.

Juggling with a lot of simplicity compared to the elegant simplicity of some other heroes, that's why it took me a few games before I started an effective rhythm of relentless fire on the enemies, to resuscitate the allies by returning to life , to move away from death with mine healing and mobility, and save the day with fields of immortality in a timely manner. When I did, however, I regularly found myself excited in a way that did not allow me to say Overwatch support the heroes. I also began to understand how Baptiste could make GOATS meta inert – or at least less ert.

For example, at one point, my allies and I were about to speak after a skirmish going back and forth. Then Zarya from the enemy team launched her ultimate Graviton Surge, bringing us all together in a helpless entanglement. We knew what would happen next: the enemy D.Va came out of his machine, announcing a self-destruction to eliminate our entire team. Partly because the person who should have been our Reinhardt also played against Baptiste (the public test server just after the announcement of the new hero is crazy, yall), we were basically doomed. But then I threw away my field of immortality and a prayer. The mech exploded. We lived.

That made me feel cool like hell, and that canceled a proven GOATS strategy. Similarly, Blizzard's developers have suggested that players use Baptiste's Ultimate to help the rank-and-file DPS heroes such as Soldier 76, Bastion and McCree burst their shields and defeat the steady flow of GOATS care. On paper, he also seems to be well in sync with non-GOATS supporters like Mercy and Ana, knowing that his unreliable healing of AOE complements their sustained single target healing well. Heck, his field of immortality allies well with Symmetra, since his ultimate shield wall can completely protect the drone from the field of immortality. In short, Baptiste allows many heroes stranded for too long to remain on the sidelines.

But at the same time, Baptiste's forces rely on many GOATS forces, and he does not really solve the problem at the heart of it all, even for people who are just playing GOATS heroes without actually use the coordination needed for composing. sing. The fights have become less of a big time, and more to know who can stay alive and control as long as possible while frustrating the hell of the other team. Baptiste allows teams to stay alive even longerwhich means that it is likely Overwatch the matches will continue to follow the same rhythm, even if some details are reversed.

Again, I may be completely out of the baseline Baptist is not even in the live game yet, and the leading players will definitely match him to all the heroes and compo imaginable to see what will stay. In addition, his release will be accompanied by a series of promising balance changes. We are perhaps a few weeks away from the biggest resurgence of DPS that the game has ever known. All I know at the moment is that Baptiste is fun to play. Hoping it stays like this once we've known it better.

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