Barbara Bush said she did not consider herself Republican before her death


Barbara Bush, one of the most recognizable faces of the GOP for decades, made the surprising confession, before her death, to no longer consider herself a republican. United States today reports that when Bush was asked if she considered herself Republican in February 2018, two months before she died, she said, "I would probably say no today." The answer is given in a new book, The matriarch: Barbara Bush and the establishment of an American dynasty, by the author Susan Page. The book also states that Bush blamed Donald Trump for a "heart attack" in June 2016 after his ridiculous son Jeb Bush angered him. Bush also revealed to Page that she had written a fun letter of congratulations to send to Bill Clinton before election night in 2016, assuming it would be him who would assume the role of presidential wife rather than Melania. Trump. "It said," Welcome to the first ladies' club, "she told the author. "We can not wait to introduce you." However, the letter has never been posted. Describing her reaction the day after the elections, she said, "I woke up and discovered, with horror, that Trump had won."

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