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Barcelona beats Real Madrid at its game

Photo: David Ramos (Getty)

In recent years, Real Madrid has demonstrated what can only be described as a superpower to gain help. Especially in the knockout competitions, and especially in the Champions League, Madrid worked tirelessly for nearly 90 minutes against an opponent playing the game of his life, only for them to look up after the shot final whistle and see the dashboard in advance. In contrast, Barcelona tends to win only if they are the best. But in the second stage of the Copa del Rey semi-final between these two great rivals, the roles were reversed. Today, Real Madrid left Barcelona for 90 minutes and still found crushed by a score of 3-0.

It's difficult to explain what happened in this Clásicobecause it made absolutely no sense. Lionel Messi may have had his quieter game of the season. His only commitment to one of his team's three goals was his decision to let Luis Suarez take the penalty that eventually killed him. All there was to say about the match, was that Barça was absolutely terrible to almost a man, with the exception of the ridiculously awesome goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen; seemed lost both in possession and in defense; practically nothing created (the team took only four shots, only two of which are framed); let a Madrid team go wild with 14 shots; and had no idea what to do with Vinícius, always up, who would probably have been able to win the game by himself if he had been a little more composed and luckier with the many opportunities he created for him and his teammates. And yet, when the final whistle blew, Barcelona was the team that will meet Valencia or Real Betis in the final of the Copa del Rey.

Here are the highlights of the objectives, which, again, are by no means indicative of the actual course of the game:

Considering that Real Madrid has already pulled out of the game Houdini a few weeks ago against Ajax in the Champions League – the competition they care about – that someone does them what they do so often to others probably did not hurt them so much. Yet, you have to feel pretty crappy to dominate so completely, against their biggest rivals to boot, and have nothing to show for it. Ha!

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