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Barry pointed to Louisiana, the indirect impacts of the weekend at the local level

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) – All indications from the forecast data indicate that Tropical Storm Barry will have landed in Louisiana by the beginning of the weekend. Even with the center of this storm 200 – 300 miles from the Brazos Valley, indirect impacts are possible.

A torrential rain of 15 to 25 inches, a strong wind exceeding 70 km / h and a storm surge of 3 to 6 feet are forecast for Louisiana over the next 48 hours. Tropical storms could start as early as the middle of the afternoon on Friday.

The largest direct impacts are expected, from central Louisiana to the Mississippi coast. At the end of the week or early next week, tropical rains will continue to affect the floods in parts of Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Regarding the Brazos Valley – we are very far from direct impacts, but we will have some side effects from Tropical Storm Bill.

• Friday evening in early Saturday morning: gusts of 20 to 25 mph will be possible from the Brazos River and East
• The fluctuating humidity comes and goes from Friday to Monday. Waves of higher tropical humidity will give a feeling of heaviness and will be replaced by slightly drier air for a long time
• Scattered rain and thunderstorms / rains are possible for those along and east of the Navasota River on Saturday afternoons and evenings (if an external rain band around the Berry can occur). extend as far as Texas)

Overall, the weekend will look like any normal day in mid-July in the Brazos Valley. Although the changes and impacts of Berry are subtle and imperceptible to many, there will be some minor changes in our climate due to the tropical system.

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