Battle Angel's NOT Bombed At The Box Office

Alita: Battle Angel exceeded the box office's expectations during its opening weekend, so how did this happen After spending years developing, the manga adaptation of director Robert Rodriguez, produced by James Cameron, has was finally presented in theaters last week, hoping to become one of the last big hit of Fox before the studio era. Even though she was wearing a creative team of stars and a lot of visual talent, things were not going well. Alita in the beginning.

The first box office screenings of the film painted a disastrous picture, with estimates estimated at about $ 23 million for the first four days. Fortunately, Alita does a lot better than that. His actual numbers were around $ 43 million over the extended Presidents' Day weekend. The film obviously has a long way to go to generate profits given its costly production budget, but it was a good start for a movie that many people thought they would crash and burn as soon as it hit the floor. And there are many reasons for that.

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For starters, Fox was very smart when they decided to change Alita release date. At one point, the film was supposed to debut at Christmas, when it would have faced Aquaman, the return of Mary Poppins, Bumblebee, and others. presumably, Alita would have been lost in the shuffle and was struggling to stand out. same bumblebee, a derivative of the popular Transformers franchise, stumbled commercially during this period with Aquaman reaching $ 1 billion worldwide. Moving Alita February has significantly improved its box office outlook. Both Glass and The movie LEGO 2: The second part underperforming, opening the door to Alita win the weekend by a considerable margin. This fills a void for moviegoers in general.

Alita Battle Angel Budget Box Office

Alita It was also a film that needed to be seen on the biggest screen. Marketing has put forward the amazing special effects and design of the production, presenting the film as a unique 3D experience. Despite the prevalence of streaming and other home entertainment options, this type of unique viewing can only be achieved by attending theater. The show Alita attracted curious glances at the multiplex to see if the movie was really a groundbreaking technical masterpiece. The fact that Cameron's name is attached may have been helpful in this regard, since the promotional material was able to mention Avatar, a movie that everyone remembers for its visual splendor and revolutionary use of totally immersive 3D. This link may not have led to Alita break records, but this has certainly attracted the attention of some people.

Unlike similar titles such as the Ghost in the shell adaptation to the real action, Alita received generally positive reviews. This is by no means a critical darling and has its share of problems (like the lack of a clear end), but word of mouth has not been as negative as some might have thought based on the history of the genre. . There are several properties in Hollywood that are critically tested and that will bring back money, no matter what, but in the case of Alitahe had to land on the right side of the spectrum. He could not afford to be torn by critics because he would have died on arrival. Reactions probably encouraged more people to check, knowing that their dollar would be well spent. It'll be interesting to see what kind of legs Alita a, but he started a good start.

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