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Battle of Citizenship Census, R. Kelly again arrested and Tropical Storm Barry: The Morning Rundown

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President Donald Trump retired from the battle for census citizenship, R. Kelly was arrested again and Tropical Storm Barry was headed to the Gulf Coast.

Here is what we are looking at today.

Trump abandons the addition of a question on citizenship at the 2020 census

President Trump announced Thursday that he was abandoning his efforts to include a citizenship issue in the 2020 census, but ordered departments and agencies to share information in order to better count the number of citizens and non-citizens from the country.

Although Trump may have lost this battle, he has made it clear that his administration "did not back down" on the issue of citizenship.

The last uprising was simply a skirmish in the Great War on the use of citizenship status to help determine which party would control the White House and the House in the future, as well as on how the Federal money is distributed, writes Jonathan Allen, of NBC News, in an analysis.

"Know your rights": lawyers and lawyers mobilize before planned ICE raids

While the Trump administration is preparing to conduct mass immigration raids in major cities nationwide starting Sunday, lawyers and lawyers are stepping up efforts to educate immigrant communities. about their rights.

The material includes social media videos and toolkits describing what to do if an ICE agent arrives at your home.

"People should understand that they have rights, regardless of their immigrant status," said Lee Gelernt, a lawyer at the American Civil Liberties Union.

Anxious families across the country are preparing for the raids, which should target about 2,000 families in several cities.

Hurricane warning in effect as Tropical Storm Barry heads for the Gulf Coast

A hurricane warning was in effect on Thursday as Tropical Storm Barry headed for a likely collision with the Louisiana coast on Friday night.

"There are three ways of flooding in Louisiana: the storm surge, the high rivers and the rain – we are going to have all three of them," Governor John Bel Edwards warned.

Watch a live video while a weather radar tracks the progress of tropical storm Barry to the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

US technology companies face a new reality when they do business in China

It seemed that the US technology sector had been suspended at the end of June when Trump reversed the trend and decided to effectively ban companies from dealing with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

But experts say the cooling of trade tensions with China masks a deeper change in the way technology companies, which once envisioned China as an important partner, now have a potential market opportunity to deal with companies such as Huawei.

"There has been a dramatic change in the political and corporate attitudes towards China," said James Lewis, vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank of Washington. "Everything China does – its espionage campaigns, its serious human rights abuses – make companies a little nervous"

The week in pictures

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Pilgrims sprint at the first bull race at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, ​​Spain on July 7th. Susana Vera / Reuters

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Think about it

The summer wedding season is imminent – but outdated gender traditions do not have to be dated, historian Stephanie Coontz writes in an opinion piece.

Science + Tech = MACH

The tragic collapse of a bridge in Genoa, Italy, prompted the creation of a new method of inspection based on space.

Quote of the day

"You have a lot of power and you have to use it wisely."

– President Donald Trump met several hundred conservative digital and social media professionals on Thursday at the White House's "Social Media Summit."

One thing gator

Chicago is caught in the jaws of alligator fever.

The search for a reptile of about 5 feet hides in the waters of the city, in the Humboldt Park Lagoon.

"Alligator Bob", a member of the Chicago Herpetological Society, helps capture the elusive beast nicknamed "Chance the Snapper".

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