Bayley wins and wins, Lesnar shocks with the return and grabs a briefcase


Without a doubt, Brock Lesnar surprised WWE fans by winning the Money in the Bank match. @WWE

Money in the Bank has become one of the key WWE lounges of the year just outside the Big Four. This year's event, held on Sunday at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, was an important event, which probably pushed the story to writing – and started new ones – with an eye on summer and beyond.

The Money in the Bank draw card is the ladder match that gives its name to the event. For the third year in a row, there have been two Money in the Bank games: one featuring men and the other women. The winners can then win a match for the title of their choice.

Money in the Bank 2019 featured 11 matches, including the launch show. In addition to ladder matches, Seth Rollins defended his WWE title against AJ Styles; Kofi Kingston put the WWE title at stake against Kevin Owens; and Becky Lynch played two roles: defending the WWE Raw women's belt against Lacey Evans and the Smackdown title against Charlotte Flair. In addition, The Miz and Shane McMahon continued their rivalry in a steel cage.

Marc Raimondi recapitulated the action as Sean Coyle awarded a ranking for each match and Andrew Feldman was live on the site, offering additional coverage.

This story has been updated in real time.

Match for men in the bank: Brock Lesnar def. Ali, Andrade, Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Randy Orton, Ricochet

A shocking conclusion. Brock Lesnar went down the ramp with Paul Heyman by his side as Ali climbed up the ladder. Lesnar pushed Ali, climbed himself up the ladder and grabbed the briefcase – and the contract to "cash out" the title of his choice.

Lesnar, who has not been seen on television since WrestleMania, has not been announced for the match or broadcast. Earlier in the night, behind the scenes, Sami Zayn was beaten and suspended by the feet, putting him out of action. There was speculation that the replacement would be Braun Strowman or maybe even Bray Wyatt. No, it's Lesnar, which will probably be the sorrow of the fans who celebrated the fall of the universal title against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

The ladder match was great, everyone was working really hard and some were crazy like crazy. Balor suffered the worst damage. Andrade and Balor were climbing up the ladder on either side, approached the top and Andrade laid a rocking bomb at sunset on Balor on another ladder, which was wedged between the ladder. origin and ropes. Just an absolutely crazy place.

Later Corbin chokeslaid Balor on the side of the ladder. And a few minutes later, McIntrye hit a Balor vertical suplex on the scale. Brutal stuff.

Ali and Andrade had one of the tasks of the match when they climbed two ladders on each side and Ali hit a Spanish fly while turning on the carpet. McIntyre then took Ricochet and threw him out of the ring on a ladder set between the ring and the ad table. The scale broke in two.

Orton 's climax was a nice RKO from McIntyre while McIntyre was out of scale. So soft.

After all the hard work of the seven men in the match, only Lesnar is left holding the briefcase. Lesnar is already booked for the show in Saudi Arabia. Could he take advantage of Seth Rollins or even Kofi Kingston? Time will tell us. But "The Beast" is your Money Mr. at the bank for 2019. This therefore explains why we can not interview the winner of the main event. Freakin & # 39; Brock.

WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) def. Kevin Owens

Who needs shoes? Not Kingston.

A few seconds after Owens inexplicably removed his shoes and threw them out of the ring, Kingston picked up a Trouble in Paradise and managed to retain the title he had won at WrestleMania 35, and Xavier Woods was ready to celebrate by the following.

It was a solid match and the end had some nice sequences. A few minutes earlier, Kingston won the Trouble in Paradise, but Owens was out of the ring. Kingston went to fetch his opponent, and he returned Owens. As the two got up, Owens landed, a stunner, but Kingston put the foot on the rope to break the count. It was at that time that Owens removed Kingston 's shoes and went looking for a swanton bomb, but Kingston' s got up his knees.

Kingston worked from below for most of it and both worked hard. His reign as WWE Champion will continue at Smackdown. We do not know which Owens program will continue, or whether WWE has anything else in mind for Kingston. Owens' heel was slightly steep a few weeks ago, but there are probably more here if they choose to explore it.

Otherwise, there is no shortage of potential title challenges at Smackdown. And then there is all this Wild Card deal.

World Championship: Seth Rollins (c) def. AJ Styles

Huge match. One of the best in WWE this year. Rollins won with a Curb Stomp after a superkick for a kneeling style that looked like a difficult connection. The chemistry between these two was excellent.

The best sequence of the match – and there were several very good ones – came a few minutes before the end. Rollins had all the styles configured for the Curb Stomp, but Styles had caught him in midair and had turned him into a conflict of styles. Rollins threw in two and the match continued.

Another incredible counter arrived a little earlier when Rollins went for a rope knee and Styles grabbed it and turned it into ushigaroshi. Rollins landed an inverted superplex a few minutes later, then an inverted falcon arrow played the usual sequence of moves. In other words, in the story, he needed more than his usual techniques to beat someone as good as Styles.

After which, Styles returned to the ring and watched Rollins. Rollins won the universal title. Styles reached out and Rollins shook her. I hope this means that this program will continue and that it was only the first of a series of matches. Honestly, if Rollins vs. Styles extends until SummerSlam, no one will really complain. These are the two best players in the ring of the company. More please.

Roman Reigns did the job quickly of Elias, winning in 9 seconds. @WWE

Roman Reigns def. Elias

Elias attacked Reigns from behind the scenes with his guitar, and then headed to the ring for his usual musical number tearing up the local crowd.

The inevitable happened from there. Reigns came out, punched Superman, then Spear to win what was apparently an official match – there was a bell and everything – in nine seconds.

Expect Reigns to take a more important position as summer and summer season approaches. If it's not in the main event of SummerSlam or it's close, it would be a surprise. Elias, meanwhile, is quite effective in this role.

Women's SmackDown Championship: Charlotte Flair def. Becky Lynch (c), Bayley wins Charlotte.

There is no rest for the tired.

A few minutes after the women's duel Becky Lynch successfully defended her RAW championship title against Lacey Evans, Charlotte Flair emerged and Lynch was forced to start her second match for the title of the night.

Flair was looking to capitalize on a worn Lynch, but the champion was ready to play because the two chops exchanged were in an early stalemate. Despite Flair's attempt to slow down the game with a Boston crab, Lynch continued to defend himself with strikes.

A frustrated Flair shouted "You're nothing without me" while she was delivering stiff forearms to Lynch. The turning point of the meeting took place when Flair tried to convince Lynch on the ring's apron, but this one was hanging on the rope, which allowed Flair to switch to the 39, outside the ring.

As the referee turned to Flair to give him a 10-point score, Evans reappeared and sent the final blow of his female defeat to Lynch. Flair tried to capitalize on it with an explosive suplex, but Lynch turned it into a little package that almost stole victory. However, Flair was sent off, then hit Lynch in the jaw for a hat-trick and her ninth female championship record.

After the match, angry Lynch attacked Evans, but the numbers game caught up with him when Flair and Evans started the assault against the double team. However, Ms. Money at Bank Bayley assailed the ring for taking risks and when she got an advantage over Flair, she looked at her briefcase, thought about it and decided to yield her contract to the roar of the crowd. Hartford. When the bell rings, Bayley climbs to the top rope and connects with a nudge and wins the women's championship at SmackDown for the first time in her career.

It has been two years in a row that the winner of Money in the Bank of Women cashed in the same night. Last year, Alexa Bliss cashed Nia Jax to win the RAW Women's Championship. This year, Bayley has climbed to the top of the blue mark.

Before her match against Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch remained "Becky 2 Belts" after defending her Raw female title against Lacey Evans. @WWE

Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) def. Lacey Evans

The end came suddenly when Lynch reversed a rollup in the Dis-Arm-Her. What is strange is that the referee did not count for cumulation, although Lynch's shoulders seem to be on the mat. Lynch and his shoulders took a few odd weeks in a winning combination after Ronda Rousey's arrival at WrestleMania.

Anyway, Evans looked solid in this match as it was his first singles match in a big show. She is well behaved and is an excellent athlete. Evans showed a nice elbow drop off the outside, an acid drop and a jump crane kick. The story was centered on Evans' work on Lynch's arm and it worked.

Charlotte Flair came out and Lynch's second title defense started.

Tony Nese used his high-flying offense to retain his cruiserweight title against Ariya Daivari. @WWE

Cruiserweight Championship: Tony Nese (c) def. Ariya Daivari

With prestigious names like Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander transitioning to the SmackDown Live and RAW lists, the brand is built around the talented Cruiserweight champion, Tony Nese. With several potential challengers behind the scenes, his first challenger, just like him, was another 205 Live original to Ariya Daivari, who made his way up to the ring with elegance in a Mercedes Benz.

Nese and Daivari both impressed early with some athletic markers, but that's the challenger who quickly got an advantage by injuring Nese's right eye. From there, the pace slows as Daivari tries to slow down Nese's momentum.

As expected, Nese's vision improved a bit and he opposed a kick at the heel and a diving board. A few sequences later, Nese grabbed Daivari with an outdoor corkscrew on the outside of the ring and a splash of 450 in what were two of the game highlights.

Daivari did close it, though. He grabbed Nese with a great kick, a combination of Persian splash and hammer lasso, but that was not enough. Nese was sent off and connected with his knee race "Kneese" for the win.

Who will be next for Nese? Mike Kanellis? Oney Lorcan? Humberto Carrillo? There are a lot of contenders on the 205 Live lineup.

Indeed, The Miz was angry after his defeat against Shane McMahon. @WWE

Steel cage match: Shane McMahon def. The miz

Their number of Falls WrestleMania anywhere was a ton of fun and made it one of the highlights of the map. This one had his moments, but the limits of the cage actually limited his ability to shine.

The arrival took place when The Miz attempted to hit a superplex out of McMahon's cage, much like the WrestleMania match on a platform, but this time, McMahon escaped completely. He came out of his shirt and fell to the ground on the outside for the victory. The Miz was left on top of the cage holding only Shane's shirt.

McMahon took some tough bumps in this one as planned. The worst was probably when Miz basically pulled it off the top of the cage and McMahon dropped like a rock up to the carpet. Miz landed earlier in the game on Skull Crushing Finale, but McMahon set foot on the lower rope, prompting the radio-television crew to criticize the referee because he was unable to do so. 39, acted of a match without disqualification.

The nature of the finish means that this program Miz vs. Shane will probably continue. These two are capable of amusing things, but must be placed in the right places. At least this one was not too long. But the crowd was clearly agitated.

Rey Mysterio won the US championship, but was beaten by Samoa Joe after the match. WWE

United States Championship: Rey Mysterio def. Samoa Joe (c)

Well, it was fast. This is the second big consecutive event with a Joe match against Mysterio and none of them lasted more than two minutes. The WrestleMania 35 match only lasted a minute. This is the first time that Mysterio has won the American title.

The arrival was quite surprising when Mysterio countered a bomb attempt with a huracanrana in a pin. Joe had already been splashed and was bleeding by a sentinel of Mysterio who landed on his face.

Subsequently, while Mysterio was about to celebrate with his son Dominick, Joe descended the ramp to attack Mysterio. He began shooting down Mysterio under Dominick's gaze. The last shot was Mysterio, covered with Joe's blood, held by Dominick. This program will almost certainly continue – hopefully, it will become legitimate at some point.

Matches for women in the bank match: Bayley def. Carmella, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, Mandy Rose, Naomi, Natalya and Nikki Cross

Your money in the bank is a big cuckoo. Bayley pushed both Mandy Rose and a Sonya Deville who interfered, then tied the briefcase on arrival. She is guaranteed to earn money for the Raw or Smackdown women's title.

The whole match was a rush of adrenaline – point by point – and the ladies almost all trained. On arrival, Deville came out, put his partner Rose on his shoulders and climbed the ladder that way, apparently preparing Rose to grab the briefcase. Bayley, however, climbed to the other side, reached the top and watched both women with a great sparkle. She pushed them away and grabbed the contract.

At the beginning of the match, Bayley seemed legitimately injured when a ladder fell at a fairly fast speed on his right hip. Bayley was bleeding from a break in this area, but she went on and was part of other foolish places, including getting caught in the middle of the ladder while Natalya and Rose were repeatedly trying to get caught to make a huge sandwich.

Ember Moon may have stolen the entire match by shooting an Eclipse on Natalya on a huge ladder outside the ring with Natalya inside the ring. Naomi has also had a number of excellent places here – she also earns money in ranking matches.

Speaking of money, Carmella appeared to have injured her knee early in the game and she was taken away by officials. But she came back later with one knee wrapped up, only to be greeted by Mandy Rose and then by Deville.

All in all, the match was very entertaining and it's a very interesting development for Bayley's character, after Sasha Banks lost the WWE team titles to WrestleMania last month. Bayley needs a refresher for quite some time and maybe that is it.

The Usos defeated Daniel Bryan and Rowan in an untitled match against Money in the Bank. WWE

Launching show: Usos def. Daniel Bryan and Rowan

This should make Usos the main contenders for Daniel Bryan & Rowan's team titles at Smackdown. So, presumably, Usos will spend time at SmackDown despite switching to Raw on Superstar Shakeup.

The arrival came after a Double Uce on Bryan. The Usos sent Bryan with a double superkick on a suicide dive attempt, leading to the last place moments after the Usos eliminated Rowan with a double suicide dive.

It was a solid match for what it was, just a teaser for what will probably be a pretty solid beacon program. Rowan did a lot of work here, including a nice double superplex on both Usos, and was perhaps the best he had since his injury return.

Bryan & Rowan as a team team was not necessarily planned, but it was a great opportunity for a division that needed some cool, especially at Smackdown. And no one will complain that The Usos is in the brawl of the best champions from the ring's point of view. Now, maybe we can get hemp label straps.

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