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Beak-ing news: Justice returns to nest at bald eagle

Nearly four weeks after the co-op's flight, the bald eagle Justice has returned to its southwestern nest, the Earth Conservation Corps announced Wednesday. But Justice and Freedom have not yet been seen together.

There is so much drama in this family of bald eagles that you think the feathers are about to steal in a soggy daytime television show.

Now, there is a new twist in the case of birds.

Nearly four weeks after the robbery of the cooperative, Justice Bald Eagle returned to the nest in southwestern British Columbia.

But since Wednesday afternoon, Liberty and Justice have not been seen together.

Justice was last seen at the nest on the morning of February 9 with Liberty – his 14-year-old companion.

Over the next week, Liberty laid two eggs, but Justice was nowhere to be found.

Lady Liberty then entertained several contenders, including one dubbed "Aaron Burrd". This is another bird with which Liberty finally took off – called M2 – on February 23, leaving the eggs completely.

"There is no way these eggs can hatch at this stage," said Tommy Lawrence, chief executive of the Earth Conservation Corps, last week, who keeps the Eagle webcam up-to-date on the nest.

"They have been left in the cold for too long, and so these eggs are gone for the moment," said Lawrence.

Earth Conservation Corps said Wednesday in a statement that previous nests had similar experiences with missing males and similar events.

In the current state of things, justice could now fight against M2 to recover the nest. Or M2 could defeat justice.

Either way, nature lovers with eagle eyes are watching.

See a live feed of the eagle cam below.

Will Vitka from WTOP was reported by Washington.

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